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Baby Diaper Rash

Baby Diaper Rash

Most parents have had to deal with baby diaper rash. Though a common problem, this can be extremely heartbreaking and frustrating to fix. There are always common suggestions that should be immediately tried to reduce the issue. However, if parents are already changing their baby frequently and drying the diaper area thoroughly, more scrutiny is necessary to determine what is causing the problem and how parents can fix it. 

What is the Cause?

Skin sensitivities are becoming more common than ever. This has various roots, including the higher exposure to chemical byproducts in the environment. While many parents harbor the misconception that cloth diapers lead to baby diaper rash, it is untrue. In fact, because cloth products are made with natural fibers, many babies who are prone to rash can more easily handle cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are bleached, a process which can result in dioxin. Dioxin is extremely hard on delicate skin and can actually cause baby diaper rash. Some babies are sensitive to the wetness in cloth diapers, but adding a wicking liner can eliminate this irritant. If a baby is struggling with diaper rash, parents can attempt to switch diapers, but the problem may remain.

Handling Baby Diaper Rash

When parents deal with cloth diapers, the main cause of baby diaper rash is wetness. There are several things that can be done to take care of this issue. First, parents can allow the baby to spend some time every day with no diaper. Place the baby on a thick blanket or towel and set them in a warm and sunny location. Parents should always be cautious of sunburn, but the sun’s rays can also have a healing affect on skin with a baby diaper rash. In addition, carefully monitor your baby, changing the cloth diaper as soon as it becomes wet or soiled. A wicking liner proves to be successful for many challenging cases of baby diaper rash. A liner pulls the moisture away from the baby’s skin. Finally, a natural barrier cream can provide relief and is especially recommended for car trips or overnight when immediate diaper changing is not possible.

Watch the Diet

Even new moms get used to hearing stories about how diet affects their little one. In fact, swearing off chocolate is a common situation for a breastfeeding mom. Different substances can pass through breast milk and cause discontent in a baby. Moms who breastfeed, and also deal with baby diaper rash, may find that keeping an eye on their own diet is helpful. Diet should be more closely watched for babies that have begun to eat solid foods. Food allergies are a common cause of rash, so parents should introduce new foods carefully and systematically to cut down on diaper rash.

It’s never any fun to deal with an unhappy baby. Diaper rash can be painful and heartbreaking for parents. It’s possible to heal and eliminate baby diaper rash, especially if you know the root cause of the problem. If a baby has sensitive skin and can not handle the toxins present in disposable products, Kelly’s Closet offers a full line of cloth products. In many instances, making the switch can eliminate baby diaper rash entirely.
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