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Bummis Cloth Diapers

Bummis cloth diapers were first manufactured and distributed in the 1980's. Three mothers who were using cloth diapers on their own babies wanted more from their cloth diapering system. They were inspired to create products that they and other mothers needed. Bummis was an in-home business until the demand for their products grew. Bummis is now sold throughout the world on cloth diaper retail websites like The mothers who created Bummis cloth diapers believe using cloth diapers is both fun and easy. Their goal is to share this economically and environmentally friendly diapering method with other mothers everywhere.

Cloth Diapering

It's understandable why some parents are hesitant to try cloth diapers. Many parents fear they are a messy hassle or that it takes too much time to learn how to fold them. Bummis cloth diapers are designed to make cloth diapering easy and stress free. Diaper pins and plastic pants are a thing of the past. Cloth diapers have come a long way since the traditional flat diaper. Bummis cloth diapers use hook and loop closures and waterproof fabrics that have replaced pins and plastic pants. Flushable liners make clean up easy and parents never have to rinse or dunk soiled diapers in the toilet.

Bummis diapers are stylish and comfortable. Featuring different colors and prints, these diapers are so fashionable and fun you might want to forget about putting pants on your little one. Bummis cloth diapers are available in different prints for boys and girls. Your baby can look cute and be comfortable without needing to worry about diaper spills or leaks.

Bummis cloth diapers are also environmentally safe. Disposable diapers take up space in landfills and are not biodegradable. Cloth diapers hold true to the rules of reduce, reuse, recycle. Cloth diapers help prevent the one to two tons of garbage produced by each baby using disposable diapers. Bummis cloth diapers are more affordable than disposable diapers. Parents can spend up to three thousand dollars from the time their baby is a new born until he or she is potty trained if they use disposable diapers. Because you can reuse cloth diapers, this means you'll save money.

Kelly Wels shares a similar vision to that of the moms who created Bummis cloth diapers. Wishing to share the benefits of using cloth diapers, in April of 2001, Wels launched an online baby boutique from her home. Today, under new management, KellysCloset continues to follow the vision pioneered by Wels. makes shopping for and learning about cloth diapers convenient. The site features many of the most popular diapering products and provides information on how to start a cloth diapering system. Kelly's Closet has information on how to clean and wash cloth diapers, how to fold them to fit your baby and more. Parents can find their favorite brands like Bummis cloth diapers, Happy Heiny's and Kushies.

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