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Disposable diapers are expensive. A cloth diapering system saves you money and improves the health of your baby. Before you buy diapers made from cloth, there are a few things you should know about the different styles. Cloth diapers come in many shapes and sizes. Each style of cloth diaper offers different functions and features to make cloth diapering easy and convenient. New cloth diapering parents can get information about different cloth diapers from Kelly's Closet. Kelly's Closet is an online cloth diaper boutique where parents can buy diapers and other cloth diapering accessories to accommodate their baby's needs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Parents who are new to cloth diapering will soon find out using cloth diapers requires a bit of dedication and practice. No parent is perfect in the beginning. Don't let a few leaks and drooping diapers sway you from using cloth diapers. You can buy diapers made from cloth that feature all the same conveniences as disposable diapers. All-in-one, pocket and one-size-fits-all diapers have snap or hook and loop closures to make diapering your baby easy. If you choose to use flat or prefold diapers, be ready to practice different folding techniques. You may struggle to learn how to properly fold flat diapers and quickly become turned away from the idea of cloth diapering. Practice makes perfect. Be patient in learning and check Kelly's Closet often for tips and tricks from other cloth diapering parents to make cloth diapering easier.

Making It Simple

Kelly's Closet keeps a stock of the latest designs and styles of cloth diapers in every brand. If you are a busy parent who does not have time for folding and pinning, you'll be happy to learn that cloth diapering has come a long way since the first release of the flat cloth diaper. Today, you can buy diapers featuring the conveniences of disposable diapers. Kelly's Closet keeps flat and prefold diapers in stock for those parents who are more traditional and would like to buy diapers that need folding. For those parents who do not have the time or patience for folding and pinning, there are diapers with snaps and hook and loop closures to make things simple.

Types of Diapers

Before you buy diapers, do your research. You already know cloth diapering requires a bit of dedication. Research different cloth diapering systems and decide which is best for you and your baby based on your lifestyle and willingness to commit. For busy parents who are on the go, an all-in-one style cloth diaper may be best. All-in-one cloth diapers have a built-in diaper cover sewn into the cotton or fleece absorbent layer. They fasten with snaps or hook and loop closures to offer all the ease of disposable diapers. You won't need to stuff or change absorbent inserts. Pocket diapers need an absorbent insert be stuffed into a pocket. Some diaper styles require diaper covers to prevent leaks and messes. Before you buy diapers made from cloth, visit Kelly's Closet and learn about the different cloth diapering methods.

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