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Cloth Diaper Liners

Cloth diaper liners give pocket diapers more absorbency. Pocket diapers offer the same convenience and ease of use as disposable diapers, but have a healthier impact on your baby and the Earth. Kelly's Closet makes it easy for parents to switch to cloth diapering systems. Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly and a healthy alternative to disposable diapers. Kelly's Closet sells a variety of cloth diapers including pocket diapers and cloth diaper liners. They are the one stop shop for all of your cloth diapering needs.

What Type of Diapers Use Liners?

Pocket diapers require the use of cloth diaper liners to absorb moisture away from your baby's bottom. Fabric liners are made from moisture-wicking materials that keep skin feeling dry. Parents who use cloth diapers find there are fewer outbreaks of chaffing and rashes on their baby's skin. This is because cloth diapers are better ventilated than disposable diapers. Disposable diapers are made from chemicals and harsh plastics. Heat gets trapped inside the diaper and causes a rash.

Pocket diapers are the most absorbent type of cloth diaper available. There are three main components of a pocket diaper. A waterproof outer barrier fabric is sewn to an inner moisture seizing fabric. These two components help to contain moisture and keep the baby's skin feeling dry. The two fabrics sewn together form a pocket for the third component. Cloth diaper liners are used to enhance the absorbency of the diaper. The absorbent insert is put inside the pocket to give you extra protection against leaks and spills.

Kelly's Closet sells a few different brands of pocket diapers and cloth diaper liners. Each type has their own benefits and features. You should try a few different cloth diapering methods before settling on just one way. Different cloth diaper brands also offer different features to their diapers. One popular brand of pocket diapers is the BumGenius Brand. You can find this and other brand names of pocket diapers at Kelly's Closet.

Using Diaper Liners

Using cloth diapers and cloth diaper liners is almost the same as using disposable diapers. Pocket diapers are shaped to fit babies without needing to fold or pin them. Before fastening the pocket diaper around the baby, insert a cloth diaper liner in the pocket. Cloth diaper inserts provide extra absorbency and protection. When the insert gets soiled, simply pull out the soiled insert and put it in your diaper pale or wet bag. Insert a fresh absorbent insert to the pocket of your cloth diaper and go. There is no need for a diaper cover and the inserts are absorbent enough that the outer shell of the diaper is protected from leaks and stains. Cloth diaper liners wick away moisture and keep a baby's bottom dry to prevent rashes and chaffing.

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