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Most parents don't give a lot of thought to the diaper that their baby wears. They go to the closest department store and pick up their favorite brand of disposables on a weekly basis. In fact, mention that you are planning on using cloth diapers and you will probably get quite a few blank stares, followed by a whole lot of questions. "Aren't they gross? Don't they leak? How are you going to keep up with all that wash? What about rashes?" Most people still see this choice as an old fashioned relic of our grandparent's time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cloth diapering has come a long way. If you haven't taken a closer look, now is the time to explore the many options that are available to modern parents.

There are several types of cloth diapers on the market today. Parents are still able to purchase the old standard: the prefold diaper. These will need to be folded and used with a waterproof cover. These diapers are by far the most affordable and flexible choice. Make sure that you purchase quality diapers, however. The prefold diapers that you will see at your department store are often loaded with polyester padding, a nonabsorbent material. Diaper retailers will offer a quality service that will perform the best. For those that don't want to fold each diaper, look for a fitted design. These will still need to be used with a waterproof cover but feature elastic at the waist and legs to eliminate leaking. The most convenient type of cloth diapers are known as an all-in-one. AIOs are the diapers that look the most like a disposable, with the waterproof later built in. These are the most expensive option, but are easiest for dads, babysitters and daycare workers to use. All-in-one diapers that feature removable padding, known as pocket diapers, allow for easier cleaning and quicker dry times.

Most parents who haven't used cloth diapers have several misconceptions. The first is that cloth diapers leak more than disposables. This is, actually, untrue. In fact, cloth diapers are much better at containing leaks than disposables, with some designs being better than others. The most leak proof combination is probably a fitted diaper with a separate cover. Anything that the diaper itself won't hold, the cover will catch. The elastic on cloth diapers is much sturdier than the weak construction of a disposable. Other diaper designs, including AIOs, beat disposables when it comes to leaks. Quality made cloth diapers rarely leak if used correctly.

Parents may also get the impression that babies who wear cloth diapers are at higher risk of rash. Cloth diapers, like the ones sold at Kelly's Closet, are made with natural materials. Babies that have sensitive skin usually respond better to the natural materials in a cloth diaper. If wetness is an issue, a wicking liner can be added as a barrier to protect your baby's skin.
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