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Organic Cloth Diapers

Organic Cloth Diapers

Sometimes it is worth it to pay a bit more, as is the case with organic cloth diapers. Obviously, other choices will be less expensive. Many parents find organic options to have many benefits over their conventionally manufactured competitors. For this reason, they are becoming more popular as parents add them to their existing stash or make the decision to use them exclusively.

What is Organic?

Organic cloth diapers are made using materials that have been grown and produced in an organic manner. In order for a fiber to qualify as organic by the FDA, the agency that regulates this type of thing, it must have been grown, harvested and processed without the aid of pesticides and chemicals. The final product used in organic cloth diapers is as pristine as possible, with no residual substances that might irritate the sensitive skin of your baby. Organic fabrics are also, in general, softer than their conventionally grown counterparts, making them more appealing to parents and babies.

Is Everything Organic?

When you first begin looking at organic cloth diapers, you will see two main types that are available. First, prefold or fitted cloth diapers may be offered that are entirely made with organic fabrics. Often, even the internal parts, such as elastic, are made with higher quality and pesticide-free components. However, if closures are added, such as plastic snaps or Aplix tape, those parts will not be certified as organic. The other type of organic cloth diapers may have both organic and non-organic fabrics used in the construction. This is almost always the case if the organic cloth diapers are an AIO, or all-in-one, style. This is because almost all cover materials are not made with organic materials, as the coatings are plastic. However, the plastics used in PUL are safe for your baby, as they are free from phthalates and other harmful materials. Also, the fabrics that will be touching your baby will be completely organic, offering the best of both worlds.

Popular Choices

One of the most popular types of organic cloth diapers is offered by the bumGenius brand. This is an AIO style of diaper that has both organic and conventional fabrics used in the construction process. Parents who are familiar with the normal bumGenius design may be surprised to see just how different this diaper is. This is not a pocket style diaper, but instead, has a partially attached soaker that can be folded in various ways to accommodate different absorbency needs. While the PUL fabric continues to the inside of the diaper, effectively eliminating leakage, only the softest organic cloth diapers material touches your baby's skin. These diapers also close with snaps, instead of hook-and-loop tape. Bummis, Flip and Little-to-Big Beetles also make organic diapering choices.

Organic usually costs a bit more, but there are plenty of reasons to favor organic cloth diapers over the competition. Kelly's Closet offers several brand of organic cloth diapers, including all the ones mentioned above.
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