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Potty Training Pants

Potty Training Pants

While you might wish for your baby to stay little forever, growing up is exciting for both parents and children. Before you know it, potty training pants will be replacing your collection of cloth diapers. If you have been using a cloth diapering system since your baby was born, you may feel that you know all that there is to know in the realm of cloth diapering products. However, potty training brings an entirely new set of concerns into the picture. Top concerns like absorbency may be replaced by the more important issues of ease of use. Potty training is an exciting milestone for your little one and having the proper products can ensure that it goes smoothly for both baby and parent.

Potty training isn't always an easy task. According to experienced parents, girls are often easier to train than boys, though this can vary a great deal according to the personality of each child. If you have used cloth diapers, however, it is widely thought that potty training is easier, as your baby is familiar with the sensation of wetness and will be able to discern when an accident has happened. Using cloth potty training pants as a transition, however, makes sense even if you have used disposable diapers on your baby until this point. Potty training pants allow protection for clothing and reasonable absorbency, while also giving your toddler the feel of wearing real big kid underpants.

Cloth potty training pants look much like toddler underwear. However, there are some distinct differences. The leg and waist openings should have firm elastic in order to contain potential messes. In addition, there is a small padded layer in the crotch to hold in wetness. Some designs are customized for either boys or girls. Girls often need more protection toward the back of the potty training pants, while boys tend to wet nearer to the front and need the padding in that area. Gender neutral styles may offer padding in the entire crotch area to accommodate both. Depending on your needs and styles, potty training pants may have a waterproof outer layer or just extra absorbency. If you plan on being outside the house while potty training, have at least a few pairs with the waterproof layer. Finally, changing your toddler's accidents will certainly be a large part of potty training, at least in the beginning. Because of this, many parents prefer potty training pants that allow their toddler to pull them on and off while going to the bathroom but feature side openings for when they will need to be changed. This will keep the experience cleaner and more accommodating for the parent that is assisting with the potty training accident.

Unlike cloth diapers, which may be used for several years of your baby's life, potty training pants are a transitional item that help your toddler move from diapers to underwear. For this reason, you want full functionality, at the best possible price. Kelly's closet, a popular cloth diaper retailer, offers several styles of potty training pants, all for under $20. They are knowledgeable about their products and can answer any question that you might have.
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