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Preemie Cloth Diapers

It is often difficult for parents of premature or underweight babies to find diapers that fit. Preemie cloth diapers give babies the comfortable fit they need without fear of blow outs or slipping. Disposable newborn diapers sag and droop on little ones. Preemie cloth diapers feature adjustable fit snaps and hook and loop closures to give your tiny baby secure protection.

Regular Diapers

Tiny babies wiggle and squirm out of regular sized diapers. Diapers that do not fit snug, but are comfortable around your baby's waist and legs will leak and drip. This makes for a stinky, slimy mess. Not only will your baby be covered in poop, but runny messes drip out of the diaper and on to bedding or car seat. Fabrics that are not washable are either stained or damaged. Though you love your little one, cleaning up after diaper blow outs is frustrating. Regular diapers just won't work for your preemie baby. It is even more difficult to find preemie disposable diapers that won't leak or sag. Many parents of preemie babies are starting to use preemie cloth diapers. Preemie cloth diapers offer many benefits and give your baby the same amount of wetness protection as disposables.

Cloth Diapers

It is difficult to find disposable diapers with adjustable waistbands and legs to fit securely. Poor fitting diapers leak and spill. Newborn disposable diapers often come as one-size-fits-all. This is not the case if your baby is premature. Premature and underweight babies are difficult to diaper using disposables. Your baby's diapers should fit snug and secure around the waist and legs. The fit should be tight without cutting off the bay's circulation. Disposable diapers are not adjustable. The plastics used to make disposables are not able to be refolded to provide a different fit. Preemie cloth diapers can be folded as big or small as needed to fit around your baby. Many preemie cloth diapers feature adjustable snaps allowing you to change the size of the diaper.

Popular Brands

Kelly's Closet has the most trusted brands in cloth diapering available on their website. Parents can get popular brands like Rumparooz, Bummis and Hemp Babies. Kelly's Closet has a variety of diapers available in sizes and styles perfect for preemie babies. One of the most popular preemie cloth diapers are the Rumparooz Lil Joey's. Lil Joey's are the perfect fit for tiny babies. While other newborn diapers are designed to fit babies weighing ten pounds or more, Lil Joey's are designed to fit babies as small as six pounds. Lil Joey's feature an all-in-one four layer microfiber soaker, the Rumparooz custom designed inner gusset and adjustable snaps. Two rows of snap closures make the Lil Joey one of the best fitting preemie cloth diapers on the market.

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