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RLR Laundry Treatment 2 Capsule Pods (1.35 oz per capsule)
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RLR Laundry Treatment 2 Capsule Pods (1.35 oz per capsule)

 This product is no longer available. You may like the GroVia Mighty Bubbles instead.

Unavailable. You may like GroVia Mighty Bubbles.

This product is no longer available. You may want to try the GroVia Mighty Bubbles instead of RLR. 

RLR Laundry Treatment can be used to strip diapers and whiten dingy diapers. If your diapers smell "funky" or like ammonia, or if they are looking yellow or gray, you can use RLR as needed to freshen the diapers and take out the dinginess.
It contains no phosphates, it is non-polluting, and is bio-degradable.
RLR is NOT a soap or a bleach. It is a Special Treatment to remove dulling dried-in particles from fabric... leaving whites whiter and colors brighter.
During regular detergent washing, mineral deposits in the water; dirt and soil sediment; and residual matter from detergents all accumulate in the fabric causing it to look dingy. RLR works by removing these particles from the clothing, holding them in suspension in the water and preventing redeposition so they rinse away leaving fabric looking like new.
Directions for use:
If you are using RLR to whiten your diapers, open capsule and add the RLR with your detergent in your hot wash. Use a full capsule for a top-loading washer, or 1/3-1/2 capsule for a front-loader. This product creates lots of suds, so you may want to run a second (warm wash/warm rinse) load to take all of the suds out of the diapers.
If you are using RLR to strip your diapers of ammonia or funk, start with clean diapers- use it after you have washed your diapers (the diapers can be wet or dry). Open the capsule and add the RLR directly to the washer with the diapers (1/3-1/2 capsule in an HE washer, or a full capsule in a top-loader) and run a hot wash with no detergent. Run a second wash with warm or hot water and warm rinses to remove the RLR bubbles from your diapers and washer.

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