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Using cloth diapers doesn't have to be old fashioned. Even if you choose a simple system, like prefold diapers, modern tools such as the Snappi offer an alternative to using pins to hold your baby's diapers secure. This simple but effective tool should be on hand in any nursery where cloth diapers are used. The Snappi is inexpensive, effective and extremely flexible.

What is a Snappi?

Snappis are small T-shaped tools used to secure cloth diapers. Each end is designed with gripping teeth that are able to grab onto the diaper material and hold everything in place. The Snappi is made with a nontoxic and flexible plastic material. Because it has a little bit of stretch, it is able to hold a cloth diaper securely in place. While many parents use this fastener for prefold cloth diapers, they are equally as effective for a fitted diaper with no fasteners.

How to Use the Fastener

Before you use your Snappi diaper fastener, you should pre-stretch the material to ensure that it works properly. Holding each end, gently pull on each leg. Repeat this about ten times and do it separately for each leg of the fastener. When you are ready to use cloth diapers on your baby, gather all your supplies. When using a prefold diaper, you will need to fold the diaper so that it fits your baby. In addition, prepare your diaper cover, leaving it open on the changing area next to the folded cloth diaper. Lay your baby on the changing area and tuck the prefold diaper under your baby. Bring the front of the diaper between your baby's legs; then pull each side up to overlap. The prefold diaper should be snug but not binding at the waist. For a more secure fit, tuck in the extra diaper fabric that may be protruding in the leg area.

You are now ready to use your Snappi. First, grip the shorter leg in the crotch area of your diaper by grabbing the fabric and giving the fastener a gentle tug upwards. After that area is secure, you will want to pull the left leg of the fastener to the left side of the cloth diaper, securing the teeth in that area as well. Finally, secure the right leg of the Snappi to the right side of the diaper, making sure that the fastener is firmly attached and holding tightly. Once the diaper is properly on your baby, secure the waterproof cover to avoid leaking.

How to Buy

Unlike diaper pins, most parents only need two Snappis in their diapering collection. Even if you only use prefold cloth diapers for backup, you should have one fastener on hand. However, they are very affordable, so having extras in case you lose one is a good idea. For example, you may want to purchase several for your nursery, one for the diaper bag, and another for emergency use in the car. At Kelly's Closet, a Snappi can be purchased for under four dollars.
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