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An insert can be called many different names. Essentially an insert is any absorbent material that will go inside a diaper. Pocket diapers and all-in-one diapers typically come with 1-2 inserts when you purchase them. Diaper covers and shells may be sold without the inserts. This allows you to customize the absorbency and your personal preference. The only "rule" with inserts is that it's NOT recommended that microfiber go directly against baby's skin. It's incredibly absorbent and can pull too much moisture away from baby's gentle skin; causing rashes or irritations. 

Many different brands make inserts that fit their specific products, but (for the most part) they will all work across the different brands. The only thing that may not be compatible are the snaps, if present. 

Other names that you may hear for inserts include: soakers, prefolds, flats, boosters, pods, doublers, absorbers, etc. Typically boosters and doublers are thinner than a regular insert and made to add a thin layer of absorbency to a regular insert. 

Hemp and bamboo tend to be trimmer inserts, but super absorbent. These are great by themselves or paired with microfiber.