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AppleCheeks Background – Read More

Ilana Grostern and Amy Appleton Venu of Montreal are the designers and owners behind the fabulous washable diapering system known as AppleCheeks Diapers! They focus on bringing the most careful of parents top quality products that just make sense for you and your baby. There are two methods used with the AppleCheeks diaper technology. The envelope method allows you to use one insert per cover. Or you can use the cover/insert method that lies on the diaper and allows you to uses it multiple times before you need to clean the cover. These ecologically-minded business women really know what they are talking about when it comes to cloth diapering not only from their own personal experiences, but also because they have listened to their customers over the years. And they are so thrilled to be bringing this proudly Canadian-made system to you!

AppleCheeks highlights technical designs that are superior to other cloth diapers. The two methods mentioned above help to remove the normal saggy wet diapers that require you to pay hundreds on regular diapers. It’s time to make a change from the other brands and get away from old plastic bulky diapers that leak. With the beautifully designed cloth diaper and inserts, changing inserts is a breeze. We have several different covers and inserts for you to choose from. The different colors and varieties allow your baby to look stylish without giving up any comfort.

To learn more about AppleCheeks cloth diapers, you may want to visit our blog article "The ABCs of AppleCheeks" cloth diapers. This will include side by side photographs of the different sizes of AppleCheeks diapers. We also have an AppleCheeks YouTube video that shows the insides of each of the diapers. 

Clue: This AppleCheeks diaper cover will fit most babies from birth through potty training!
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