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{1} Like most good things, it started with a Baby. When the creators of BALM! Baby learned they were having their first baby, they began getting better informed. They learned that plastic NEVER goes away. They learned that it contains dirty, toxic chemicals.

{2} This new knowledge got them thinking: "If I get that natural balm for my baby & it's stored in a plastic container, what happens when that container heats up?"

{3} Ya, you guessed it, that "natural" product is now not "natural." That product, going onto their baby's skin; the largest organ of the body. And that container.....ya, NEVER going away. Not for their first child, their 2nd, your children & EVERY child of EVERY generation to come. Recycling is only aTEMPORARY solution, a major misconception is that it IS the eco solution. Visit Balm Baby

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