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Wear Your Baby in a Tula, Lillebaby, Onya, or Moby Wrap

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Which style carrier is right for your family? How do you pick a baby carrier to wear your baby safely? Below are a brief summary of the different styles and when you might want to use those. All of our baby carriers come direct from the manufacturer's and come with packaging and instruction manuals (if provided by the brand).

Wrap - These are the most traditional and simple of all carriers. They come in a variety of fabrics (most commonly a knit jersey) and can be worn in a variety of different positions. Wraps are designed for infants, toddlers, and young children; but most popular for the newborn - infant stages. Most wraps are designed to be worn on the front or hip. 

Ring Sling - A modern adaptation of the traditional one shoulder carriers found in cultures around the world. There is a pair of metal or nylon rings on one end of the fabric. The sling is threaded through the rings to adjust to the baby or wearer. Ring slings are excellent for newborns and for toddlers who may want to get up and down quickly. 

Soft Structured Carriers - Most SSCs are what you think of when you think of babywearing. These may also be referred to as buckle carriers because of the buckles used to secure the carrier on the parent. Most feature a thickly padded waistband and shoulder straps for a comfortable and secure fit. SSCs are ergonomic and the most comfortable for a wearer with back problems or sensitivities. Depending on the carrier you may be able to wear your baby from birth through toddler in a SSC; while some carriers are intended only for older infants starting around 15 lbs. Each carrier has different carrying positions and may vary by style. These include forward facing, hip carry, and back carry.