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The cloth baby diaper seemingly disappeared from baby bags and changing tables as disposable diapers become more popular. Disposable diapers were once viewed as a break through in diapering technology. Moms and dads could travel and enjoy being away from home without needing to carry dirty cloth diapers around with them. There were no pins to back and no folding techniques to remember; just place the diaper around your baby, press the sticky plastic seals and go. Disposable diapers have quickly become a problem for our environment. Just because they can be thrown away, does not mean they are decomposable. Piles of disposable baby diapers sit in our landfills taking up space and creating health hazards for our communities.

Changes in Cloth

There have been many changes made to cloth diapers in recent year. Pins and rubber pants are a thing of the past. Cloth diapers now come in a variety of designs and sizes. There are simple all-in-one styles, or pre-folded with wraps that do not need diaper pins. Today's cloth diapers are just as convenient as disposables. The modern cloth baby diaper features snap or hook and loop closures meaning you no longer have to fold and pin diapers closed. Which ever you choose, switching to cloth diapers you are helping prevent the 2 billion tons of plastic and human waste thrown in landfills each year. Reusing cloth diapers saves water, energy and the environment over all.

Saving the Environment

Along with saving energy, using a baby diaper made from cloth is a more environmentally friendly than using a disposable diaper each time you need to change your baby. In the United States alone, 18 billion disposable diapers are thrown into landfills each year. The plastics and materials used to make disposable baby diapers are not easily biodegradable. Human waste sitting in a landfill can contain harmful bacteria which can work their way into the environment and eventually the water supply. In the long run, using a cloth baby diaper enforces the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Saving Money and Water

Beginning to diaper your baby using cloth diapers can cost a bit of money to start. Cloth baby diapers are reusable and pay for themselves overtime. Cloth baby diaper users end up saving money because they don't have to buy diapers every week. Washing cloth diapers requires less laundry soap than you would think. Some households report savings on both laundry detergent and energy costs when they wash their cloth diapers with their regular laundry. You might think using a cloth baby diaper is inconvenient or unsanitary. Being able to wash them in your machine sanitizes them while saving you time and money.

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