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Baby Diapers

Finding newborn baby diapers to fit your tiny baby is challenging. New parents often struggle to keep their newborn diapered comfortably. Even with cloth diapers you may have a difficult time fitting your newborn baby. We recommend you try different cloth diapering methods and practice different cloth diapering techniques to find the cloth diaper best fit for your baby. Ill-fitting diapers can leak and blow out. This leaves parents cleaning up smelly messes.

Cloth diapering has come a long way from flats and prefolds. Though old-fashioned cloth diapering methods are still a great way to diaper your baby, you'll find modern designs of cloth diaper offer more conveniences. Diaper designs are becoming more versatile and sized to fit almost any baby. Newborn baby diapers are now a product many cloth diaper manufactures have started to offer. Snap or hook and loop closures make it easy to adjust the size of the diaper to fit almost any baby. Advancements in diaper design and function accommodate the needs of parents and babies.

One-Size Diapers

Many cloth diaper brands have developed newborn baby diapers. The easiest way to fit tiny babies and get the most use from your cloth diapers is to invest in a one-size-fits-all cloth diaper. Many brands carry one-size diapers. This diaper design is convertible to fit babies from newborn up to 35 pounds. These type of diapers are growing in popularity primarily due to how easy they are to use. They outlast other diaper sizes because they can be used from the time your baby is born until they are potty trained. Using the same cloth diapers for years saves you money. You can find one-size diapers under the brand labels of Rumparooz, Bamboo Baby, Tots Bots, Knickernappies, Tiny Tush, Doopsy, Tweedle Bugs and more. Diapers are sold at

Custom Fit and Absorbency

Most brands of one-size diapers are not only adjustable to fit your growing baby, they can also be adjusted to meet you baby's absorbency needs. One-size diapers start off as newborn baby diapers and gradually be converted to accommodate growing babies until potty training. Many parents enjoy using these one size diapers because they are easy to use. Snap or hook and loop closures eliminated diaper pins and folding. One size diapers often feature a three row snap system that allows you to adjust the fit around the baby's waist and legs. Better fitting diapers mean no leaks or drippy messes to clean. To further prevent leaks and messes, adjust the absorbency of your one-size diaper. For more absorbency, add diaper doublers or inserts. Most baby diapers come with two different inserts. The first insert is designed to have a smaller, more comfortable fit for newborn babies while the other is designed to grow with them and be used over time. Changing baby diapers and cleaning up messes is easily done by removing the inserts.

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