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Why Bamboobies Are the Top Choice for so Many Moms.

Bamboobies nursing pads are the new choice for mothers who want a washable breast pad that doesn't leak or show through clothing. Bamboo, organic cotton and hemp make these reusable breast pads the most absorbent and unbelievably soft nursing pads around. Reviewers have likened Bamboobies nursing pads to cashmere sweaters, puppy ears and clouds!

Bamboobies Nursing Pads Fabric Choices

Bamboobies nursing pads are made from bamboo, organic cotton and hemp. This combination of fabrics makes Bamboobies nursing pads incredibly soft and absorbent. Plus, for the budget conscious mother who wants to save by having reusable Bamboobies nursing pads, these are just the thing.

What more could you ask for? Environmentally-friendly fabrics, budget-saving Bamboobies nursing pads are everything you want from a nursing pad in one! Plus, purchasing them from us means you get rewarded with diaper dollars. Try Bamboobies' product line today. Bamboobies are your boobies’ best friend.

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