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Biodegradable Diapers

As the cause of global warming has taken the front seat, an entire generation is being raised to be aware of things like biodegradable products and other green living topics. In fact, the upcoming generation is being designated as the green generation. As parents, it's important to be a good example of caring for a vulnerable environment, favoring biodegradable products, such as cloth diapers, over their earth-harming counterparts. While many parents are under the impression that being earth-friendly is difficult, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you may be surprised at the many residual benefits you discover when you make the commitment to raise your baby in an environmentally friendly fashion.

What Does Biodegradable Mean?

The term biodegradable is actually rather broad. As a scientific term, it means that a substance can be broken down through a natural process. What most environmentalist-minded parents do not realize is that most things, including chemicals, can be classified as biodegradable. When it comes to green advertising, however, the amount of time that the process takes comes into play. Different things decompose at different rates, with different byproducts being created. When it comes to diapers, the greener choice is cloth. It can take decades for the average disposable diaper to fully decompose, being packed full of extra-absorbent chemicals and unnatural fibers. A cloth diaper, on the other hand, is made with more natural materials that are easily assimilated into the environment. In addition, the product is used until it is used up, eliminating much of the waste in a modern landfill.

Making Smart Choices

There are several things that a parent can do when the goal is to favor biodegradable options in basic baby care. First, switch all your cleaning products to all natural options. Things like baking soda, vinegar and orange oil can accomplish most basic cleaning tasks. You should also take a new look at cloth diapers. Disposable diaper waste is one of the most alarming categories present in the modern landfill. The average baby goes through several thousand diaper changes from birth to potty training. So making the simple choice to favor biodegradable cloth diapers makes a big difference. Finally, your baby's clothing should be biodegradable, featuring natural fibers like cotton, preferably grown through an organic method.

Parents are often overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising healthy and well-adjusted children. There is just so much to think about. Having a child makes you more aware of the world around you, and biodegradable products become more of a priority. Luckily, they are more available than ever. From cleaning products to cloth diapers, you can ensure that everything in your home protects your child and their future. For a full line of biodegradable cloth diapering products, Kelly's Closet meets all your needs.
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