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Blueberry Diapers

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Blue is in with Blueberry Diapers Margarita McClure, the creator of Blueberry Diapers, is a mother with a mission. She’s out to change America’s diapers and help clean up the mess the 27.4 billion disposable diapers leave behind each year. Her search and passion led her to question everything her baby came into contact with -- from the food he ate to the diapers he wore. After careful investigation of the toxic load contained in both disposable diapers and the current cloth diapers on the market, Margarita was determined to create the cleanest, greenest diaper for her baby. A kitchen table company that became a multi-million dollar manufacturer and distributor of organic cotton cloth diapers, diaper covers, accessories and her new line of fashion-forward diapers called Blueberry Diapers.

Safety First & Blueberry’s Awesome Factory – Read More

Their number one goal is safety first. Blueberry puts just as much effort into the creation of great products as they do with safety. To help focus on this Blueberry sources fabrics from the USA when possible and ensures latex-free elastics for every product they create. Keeping the baby safe from any potential allergies and keeping jobs here at home. They guarantee that their products will not have lead, phthalates and BPA because they keep their products sources right here in USA. Other companies that outsource cannot ensure their products are safe because they work with other companies overseas which could include issues with specific materials. If you are interested in learning more about their awesome factory go here

Kelly's Closet offers one of the largest selections of Blueberry diapers on the web, including special release prints. Blueberry diapers offer a complete line of specialty diaper products, including All-In-One Blueberry Diapers, Blueberry Diaper covers, Blueberry swim diapers, training pull-ups, and one-size-fits-all Blueberry diapers. Blueberry Diapers are proudly made in the USA. Check Out Our Selection of Blueberry Diapers

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