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Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your little one - and of course Mama herself has some suggestions straight from Mother Nature for you.

Earth Mama Angel Baby's all-natural breastfeeding products are nature's gifts to nursing mamas. Gel-free microwaveable breast packs help ease breast engorgement and mastitis. Sore, cracked nipples get relief from organic herbal compresses and lanolin-free nipple cream. There's an organic herbal tea to help support healthy breast milk production and increase breast milk, and another to help when you want to stop lactating. Plus you'll find a guided relaxation CD is ideal for working mamas to help with let-down when pumping, and for all mamas to visualize increased breast milk supply.

Nourish your breasts so they can nourish your angel baby - naturally.

Mama Says:

"Breastfeeding a baby opens a woman's heart like nothing else. It's the unique experience shared intimately between a mama and her baby. In the wee small hours of the night, it's just you and the angel of your heart."

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