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Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer

Don't waste time trying to dunk and rinse solids from your soiled cloth diapers. The Bum Genius diaper sprayer is great for quick and easy clean up. Parents can use the diaper sprayer for multiple uses in the bathroom. The diaper sprayer from Bum Genius is easy to install and easy to use. It is a fresh way to clean soiled cloth diapers. Hands stay clean and solid waste is washed away quickly.

Rinsing Diapers

The Bum Genius diaper sprayer is a very popular tool for parents who use cloth diapers. The diaper sprayer is easily installed on the side of the toilet. The sprayer is a popular design manufactured by Coolcraft. The new edition of the Bum Genius diaper sprayer features anti-drip technology to prevent leaks and messes. The sprayer pressurizes the water as it is released to clean solids from cloth diapers quickly. The solid waste is easily washed into the toilet and the user's hands stay clean. Parents every where love the convenience of the Bum Genius diaper sprayer. The powerful spray breaks up solid waste and washes it from diapers into the toilet. It's that easy. The Bum Genius diaper sprayer is similar to a dish sprayer or a detachable shower head. The ease and convenience of use has parents using the diaper sprayer for more than just cleaning solid matter from diapers.


The Bum Genius diaper sprayer is now a multipurpose sprayer. Parents who are impressed with the ease of use have found other reasons to use their diaper sprayer in the bathroom. A comfortable grip handle and easy to use adjustable spray nozzle make the diaper sprayer a cleaning machine. Not only are parents using the diaper sprayer to remove solid waste from their diapers, some parents have used the diaper sprayer for these other purposes:

  • Rinsing heavily soiled clothing from mud and grass

  • Rinsing out potty chairs during the potty training phase

  • Cleaning the tub, shower and toilet

  • Washing the dog and other household pets

  • Personal Hygiene uses

  • Postpartum care

The adjustable spray nozzle allows parents to select the amount of water pressure they need. The spray can be adjusted for a gentle cleansing wash or a highly pressurized jet stream to break up tough messes. The Bum Genius diaper sprayer is a multipurpose pressurized cleaning appliance. Many parents have opted to use their diaper sprayer for more than just washing out soiled cloth diapers. The sprayer is easy to install and easy to use. Hands stay clean while soiled diaper waste washes away.

The sprayer is easily installed and mounted to standard household toilets and does not need a plumber for installation. The Bum Genius diaper sprayer comes with the chrome sprayer head, fixtures, hoses, mounting clip and full color instructions with diagrams and pictures.

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