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Bum Genius Diapers

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Why spend an arm and a leg on a diapering stash when Bum Genius diapers provide an affordable way to wrap your baby in top-of-the-line cloth diapers? Most busy moms, as well as dads and daycare workers, prefer an all-in-one style of diaper. Because many parents begin their childcare careers familiar with disposable products, an all-in-one is extremely easy to get used to. That is because, once prepared, they are just as easy to use. Each Bum Genius diaper features this advantage, as well as many others that parents appreciate.

Taking a Closer Look

If you look closely at the Bum Genius diapers, you will begin to understand what it is about these diapers that keeps discerning parents coming back to the brand over and over again. It's not hard to see that this diaper has been designed, tested and developed by real parents, who used them on real babies to determine the proper proportions and fit. And, while each Bum Genius diaper is an all-in-one style, that doesn't mean you'll be paying thousands of dollars to get your little one potty trained. In actuality, these are quite competitive with other options, as there is only one size to purchase that can span the entire time your baby stays in cloth diapers. The same diaper can be adjusted to fit an infant, while still being used once your baby becomes a toddler.

How They Work

While each Bum Genius diaper is considered an all-in-one diaper, it is more correctly designated as a pocket diaper. Many parents don't realize this right away, as the stuffing system is so discreet- it is actually hidden underneath a flap. While you might not notice it, you will notice the difference in performance by this design feature. This allows each Bum Genius diaper to be individualized according to your baby's needs, and also make each one easier to clean, as the absorbent part can be completely removed for washing and drying. Many all-in-one diapers that don't have this feature can actually trap soiled particles inside the diaper body, holding them between layers and causing smells and bacterial growth. This is not the case with the excellent Bum Genius diapers.

It is easy to adjust a Bum Genius diaper. There are four sizes, adjusted by snapping down the rise measurement. Because this is done before the diaper is stuffed, there is much less bulk than with other one-size diapering options. Only a single layer of thin waterproof PUL must be shifted, as well as the trim inside material, making a Bum Genius diaper much more comfortable to newborns.

In the world of cloth diapers, brands come and go at lightning speed. If diaper manufacturing is anything, it is definitely fickle. However, Bum Genius diapers have been around for several years, speaking to the excellence of the product and the commitment of the company to keeping babies dry and comfortable. For the best prices on Bum Genius diapers, Kelly's Closet has just what you need.
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