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Bum Genius

Bum Genius

As one of the most popular brands in modern cloth diapering, the Bum Genius brand has several advantages over the competition. Like many types of cloth diapers, the concept of the BumGenius diaper began with a mom who had an idea. She needed a better way to diaper her baby and ended up sharing what she discovered with customers. Eventually, as the word spread, the brand became a multinational company with American and international factories. Even so, many of the Bum Genius products are still manufactured by local cottage producers, and the entire process is still carefully inspected to ensure that quality products are delivered to each and every customer.

Bum Genius diapers are a one-size diaper and have a pocket style construction. This means that the same diaper can be used for your baby from birth until they are ready to potty train. The diaper adjusts to each size range via the plastic snaps that are on the front of each BumGenius diaper. These snaps adjust the rise while hook and loop tape on each wing allows you to make the waist smaller or larger as your baby grows. The outer shell of the Bum Genius diaper is made from polyurethane laminate diaper cover material. This industrial grade fabric is built to hold up to hot temperatures. Hot water washing and drying will not reduce the life of your cloth diapers. In addition, all closures used on your diapers are the best available in the industry, both the snaps and the hook and loop tape.

This brand of diaper has several other features that make them exceptional in both fit and performance. Unlike many pocket diapers that have to be stuffed via an opening at the back waist, Bum Genius diapers have a hidden opening for inserts that are covered by a protective panel. The hook and loop wings are slightly stretchy, allowing for a snug fit, while still giving your baby maximum mobility and comfort. In addition, the leg elastic creates a natural gusset that keeps leaks contained inside the diaper where they belong. The stay-dry lining pulls wetness to the inside absorbent layers of your cloth diapers, keeping your baby dry. Finally, while many pocket diapers may leak if the insert shifts inside the outer shell, the Bum Genius features a built in design feature that keeps the insert where it belongs and helps to eliminate leaking. Your diapers may also be customized by adding diaper doublers for added protection.

Most experts recommend that parents start with at least 2 dozen cloth diapers. BumGenius one-size diapers are affordable options that are durable and eliminate leaks effectively. They are available in colors to suit both boys and girls. Each diaper comes with both a small and large insert to accommodate newborns to toddlers. Sample sets that feature two diapers and four inserts sell for under $40. To further reduce the cost of diapering your baby, Kelly's Closet offers both starter and complete packages of Bum Genius diapers.
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