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Bumgenius Diaper Sprayer

Bumgenius Diaper Sprayer

Thanks to innovative diapering products, such as the Bumgenius diaper sprayer, parents no longer have to worry about cloth diapering being inconvenient. In fact, even dads are getting on board because of these products. Cloth diapering saves money and is really easy to fit into a busy family routine. The Bumgenius diaper sprayer is an easy to install product, making rinsing a thing of the past. It is an affordable accessory that every cloth diapering home should have in their repertoire.

How the Diaper Sprayer Works

The Bumgenius diaper sprayer is a simple tool. It looks like a tiny shower that is installed on a regular toilet. Most parents resort to dunking the cloth diaper into the toilet bowl, potentially spreading germs and losing parts and pieces down the drain. With the diaper sprayer, the cloth diaper can be conveniently held over the bowl and only the solid waste flushed. The Bumgenius diaper sprayer clips to the side of the toilet staying out of the way when not in use. The simple tool does not interfere with the normal flushing mechanism of the toilet in any way. It is also carefully designed to eliminate water leaks in the system.

Installing the Bumgenius Diaper Sprayer

Installing the Bumgenius diaper sprayer is easy. It can be accomplished by anyone using the simple instructions that are included with the product. Parents should ensure that their toilet is equipped with a flexible hose that runs from the water source to the toilet tank. If not, this part will need to be purchased. 

To install the diaper sprayer, first turn off the water source to the toilet. Once water is cut off, the water hose that runs to the toilet tank should be disconnected. After this job is done, the diaper sprayer will be attached between the hose and the toilet tank. This action diverts the water and allows access to the diaper sprayer. A clip is also available that will allow parents to secure the diaper sprayer to the toilet bowl for ease of use. Water to the sprayer is only accessed when the nozzle is engaged.

Is This Tool Necessary?

There are dozens of accessories that are available to cloth diapering parents. Not every cloth diapering product is needed to successfully use cloth diapers. However, many things make the mundane task of diaper changing easier. This is the case with the Bumgenius diaper sprayer. Cloth diapers should have as much solid waste as possible removed before washing is attempted. Dunking is a dirty job, leading many parents to avoid it altogether. With the use of a diaper sprayer, full cleanliness is accomplished with minimal contact with diaper waste. Parents certainly aren’t required to use this product, but it is indispensable to many cloth diapering families.

Expect to pay under $50 for the Bumgenius diaper sprayer. This tool, as well as a full line of cloth diapers and accessories, is available at
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