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Like many diapering brands, Bumgenius began with one woman, and a simple idea. However, while many diaper designers spend months perfecting their diaper design - adding accessories and inserts to work with the cloth diapers - the Bumgenius brand actually evolved quite the opposite. In fact, the diaper was designed completely around an amazing product, the Cotton Babies microfiber insert. From there, the company grew by leaps and bounds. What, originally, easily fit into the designer's home, soon needed a dedicated factory and warehouse space to contain. In fact, today, there are three locations that support the Bumgenius brand of cloth diapers: one in St. Louis, Missouri; another in Denver, Colorado; and a third in Alexandria, Egypt.

One of the biggest things that set this product apart from the competition is the attention paid to detail through every part of the manufacturing process. Bumgenius is still very much a cottage brand, with some of the production still being facilitated by skilled at-home seamstresses. However, each product that is returned for wholesale or retail sale is inspected by a dedicated team of quality control specialists. The company also cares about their factory employees, paying attention to not only the product created, but also to the morale and working conditions that are in each facility. Their Alexandria, Egypt facility is clean and offers benefits well above those required by local law. The company believes that their product is only as good as the people who produce it, and that reflects in all their policies.

Besides cloth diapers, Bum genius offers diapering accessories, including the famous microfiber insert that started the entire process. You can also purchase cloth wipes, diaper doublers and liners, flat diapers and a diaper pail liner. Other products include things like a diaper sprayer, as well as an odor remover. Clothing featuring the adorable Bumgenius logo is also a good compliment to your collection of cloth diapers.

There are many different types of cloth diapers available on the market today. The Bumgenius diaper is a one-size, pocket diaper design. This means that you will not have to purchase new cloth diapers as your baby grows. Instead, the design allows for adjustments to be made for the best fit, from infant to toddler. The pocket diaper design features an insert that tucks into an outer shell. This allows you to adjust the absorbency according to your baby's needs. In addition, the pocket design washes cleaner and dries quicker than other all-in-one diaper designs, while offering the same convenience in diaper changing.

Though cloth diapers have crept up in price over the last decade, the Bumgenius is still quite affordable, especially for an all-in-one design. A complete diaper can be purchased for under $20. Your cost per diaper can be further reduced by purchasing packages. Retailers such as Kelly's Closet sell many different diapering packages, including the Bumgenius brand, for significantly less than purchasing cloth diapers separately.
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