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Bummis Affordable Cloth Diaper Covers & Accessories

Bummis was started by mothers using cloth diapers on their own babies. At that time, there was a serious lack of good quality, affordable cloth diaper covers on the market. They set out to design cloth diapers and cloth diaper covers that would work on their own babies. The babies are now grown, but Bummis is still a company owned by mothers. Their focus is the same: they believe that good quality, easy to use and affordable cloth diaper covers make it easy to use cloth diapers.

As a company they feel a responsibility to their employees and to their community. They have made a commitment to never manufacture in a so-called developing country, although their costs would be lower if they did. Instead they pay sewers well for a job well done. They have created a calm and pleasant atmosphere in their factory, one in which they all love to work. Their outside contractors are paid a living wage and treated with the respect they deserve. Not only is this what they believe as managers and business owners, but it makes sense in the long run because their employees and contractors are the strong base of our success. Bummis is based in Montreal, Quebec. Made in Canada.

For detailed directions on caring for and tips for using your Bummis products please refer to the manufacturers Cloth Diapers Care and Use page.

Bummis at Proudly Made in Canada

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