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Chinese Prefold Diapers

Chinese prefold diapers are sometimes considered old-fashioned. Layers of fabric are folded and sewn together to create a rectangular shape. Prefolded diapers made from Chinese cotton are thick and sturdy. They are able to trap in messes, prevent leaks and wick moisture away from a baby's delicate skin.

Diaper Dictionary

Moms and Dads who are new to cloth diapers should read about the different cloth diapers and cloth diapering products available. After parents understand the tools and products they are working with, cloth diapering becomes easy. Practice makes perfect when folding and using Chinese prefold diapers. Understanding diaper terminology can help you become a cloth diaper professional. It is easier to fold and use Chinese prefold diapers when you know what to expect.

  • Diaper Service Quality – Sometimes abbreviated DSQ, diaper service quality diapers are considered the best quality prefold diapers. DSQ diapers are usually made from 100 percent Indian or Chinese cotton.

  • Indian Prefold Diapers – Prefold diapers made from Indian cotton. Indian cotton is soft and does not require as many washes to break in as Chinese prefold diapers. They are available in white and unbleached cotton.

  • Chinese Prefold Diapers – Prefold diapers made from Chinese cotton. Chinese cotton is higher quality than Indian cotton. They need a few washes to break in but are durable with less pilling and shrinking.

  • 4x8x4 – Prefold diaper size for newborn babies. Measures 11x13 inches. Sizing numbers indicate that the layers are folded into each panel of the prefold diaper.

  • 4x6x4 – Prefold diaper size for babies 15 to 30 pounds. Measures 14.5x21 inches.

  • Liners- A thin material used between a baby's bottom and the diaper. Liners make diaper changes quick and easy. The can be made from flushable, biodegradable materials. Prefold diapers can be folded and substituted as well.

  • Cloth Diaper Cover- Required when using Chinese prefold diapers. Cloth diaper covers are a waterproof outer shell worn over the prefold diaper when it is on a baby. Diaper covers can be wiped clean and re-worn between diaper changes. Diapers prevent leaks from coming in contact with the baby's clothing.


Now that you know a little about cloth diapering terminology, learning the basics of cloth diapering should be less confusing. Cloth diapering is easy and just as convenient as using disposable diapers. You'll save money and help the planet when you switch to cloth diapers. Parents spend more than $3,000 on disposable diapers from the time their child is a newborn until they are fully potty trained. Using prefold diapers cuts that expense to $200 or less when you use Chinese prefold diapers from birth to potty training.

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