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Chlorine Free Diapers

The health of your baby is important. The harsh chemicals used to make disposable diapers can cause rashes and infections. Chlorine free diapers are made from cloth. Cloth diapering offers the same convenience as using disposable diapers without harming your baby or the environment.

Material Baby

A variety of materials are used to make cloth diapers. Your baby will look sporty and feel comfortable in chlorine free diapers made from hemp, unbleached cotton and micro-fleece. The manufacturers of cloth diapers know chemical dyes and bleaching agents are harmful to the health of a baby. Many cloth diaper manufacturers have began using chemical alternatives to color or dye the materials used to make their diapers. Companies like Bummis manufacture chlorine free diapers and wet bags in a multitude of materials, colors and prints.

Parents who want to be completely organic may want to use cloth diapers made from hemp, bamboo or unbleached cotton materials. Kelly's Closet has chlorine free diapers available from brands like Bamboo Baby, BabyKicks and Best Bottom. At Kelly's Closet, you'll find diapers, diaper covers, diaper inserts and other cloth diapering products made from chlorine free materials. Disposable diapers are made from plastics, chemicals and gels. They pollute the environment and cause skin irritations and rashes on your baby. All natural materials and chlorine free products are the safest for babies.

Disposable World

Did you know cloth diapering is both good for your baby and the environment? Parents who want what is best for their baby are switching to cloth diapers. Cloth chlorine free diapers are made from all natural materials. In this disposable world, we are throwing away everything. Disposable diapers have made a huge impact on the environment. Along with disposable diapers, disposable diaper wipes, the plastic packaging diapers and wipes come in and empty tubes of diaper creams are also thrown in the trash. Landfills are piling high with the disposable products thrown out by households around the world. To cut back on some of the waste, parents are switching to cloth diapers. Not only does a cloth diapering system cut down on the amount of disposable baby products tossed in the trash each year, they also cut down on the amount of health conditions your baby can experience. Chlorine free diapers are made from all natural materials. They omit the harsh chemicals, bleaches and dyes that often cause diaper rash and yeast infections in infants. Though using cloth diapers requires patience and dedication, using a cloth diapering system is good for the environment and your baby.

Washing Cloth Diapers

Washing cloth diapers uses the same amount of water as flushing the toilet five times a day. Cloth diapers can be washed in a washing machines. There is no need to turn up the heat on the water heater or practice extensive washing methods to get soiled cloth diapers clean. Just throw them into the washing machine on the heavy-duty cycle and go. Most cloth diapers can be tumble dried in a dryer but also dry outside on a line, too. Chemical and chlorine free diapers are safe for your baby and the environment.

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