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Cloth Baby Diapers

Cloth Baby Diapers

Entering the amazing world of modern cloth baby diapers overwhelms many parents. Usually, mothers are the first to become intrigued by these possibilities. The draw is different for each family but can include things like cost, aesthetics and environmental aspects. In some instances, parents become open to using cloth products when they see a family member, friend or acquaintance using cloth diapers on their baby. Either way, there is a lot to learn before parents feel comfortable and skilled at this process. However, cloth baby diapers, despite common misconceptions, are not hard to use.

What is Available

Cloth baby diapers have come a long way. Unlike decades ago, there are numerous choices on the market. In reality, any body type and lifestyle can be accommodated by a modern diapering product. Thin babies and chunky-thighed darlings can find diapers that work. Parents that stay home with their little ones and those that send them to daycare select cloth baby diapers that work for them. Budgets are easily accommodated as well.

Prefold Diapers - These diapers are what most moms are accustomed to. These flat diapers must be folded and fastened for proper use. They are simple but very versatile. Prefold diapers must be used with a waterproof cover. Wrap styles work best with this style. These are the most affordable option and wash and dry very quickly.

Fitted Diapers - Fitted cloth baby diapers feature a snug fit, similar to disposable diapers. In fact, many parents report that these leak less than disposable products. Both the waist and leg area is elasticized, effectively holding in waste and eliminating leaks. Fitted diapers need a separate waterproof cover.

AIO Diapers - All-in-one diapers sport a descriptive name, indicating that all components of the cloth baby diapers are wrapped up in one diapering package. No separate cover is needed. The waterproof layer is built into the diaper design. These are most similar to disposables and preferred by dads and daycare workers.

Pocket Diapers- Pocket diapers are really a sub-category of AIO diapers. They are differentiated by the fact that the absorbent material is removable. This allows for easier washing and makes it possible for parents to customize the absorbency needs of their baby. It’s common to stuff pocket diapers with prefold cloth baby diapers. However, most brands offer their own inserts specially made for their particular diaper design.

Parents who use cloth baby diapers do not fit any one mold. In fact, they come from all ranges of income and lifestyle categories. How any family cloth diapers is up to them. It’s always good advice for people to use what works for them. If parents do their homework and decide upon one brand of cloth diapers, they are certainly in good company. However, many families favor an eclectic mix of cloth diapers with different types for different occasions. The experts at Kelly’s Closet can easily accommodate any style, providing high-quality cloth baby diapers for every family.
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