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Cloth Diaper Baby Registry Checklist

Changing Diapers, The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering: A comprehensive look at modern cloth diapers that answers your most common questions and concerns.

Cloth Diapers: If you’ve never cloth diapered before you may want to register for several different brands and styles to try them out and see which style works best for your baby. Depending on how much your baby weighs at birth they may not fit into most one-size diapers and you may want to add a few newborn diapers to your registry as well. You’ll need at least 12 diapers if you are doing laundry every day, or about 20-25 if you play on doing laundry every few days. Newborn All-in-Ones, Newborn Covers & Prefolds, and One-Size Pocket Diapers are the most popular.

Wipes: Skip the disposable wipes and save yourself even more money with reusable cloth wipes. They are soft on your baby’s bottom and can be wet with water or a wipes solution. Depending on how often you want to do laundry you may want at least 20 cloth wipes. Try a few different fabrics to see which style you prefer; terry cloth, flannel, hemp, or velour.

Large Diaper Pail: Store your dirty diapers in a closed diaper bag or in a small trashcan with a pail liner. There are pails for every budget and style. If you’re looking for something pretty for your nursery may we suggest the GroVia Perfect Pail.

Small Diaper Wet Bag(s): Available in an array of sizes from small to large, wet bags can be used for storing dirty diapers that you change while away from home. They keep the smell and moisture safely inside while keeping your diaper bag and car dry. You can also use wet bags for storing wet clothing, bathing suits, nursing pads and pump parts, cosmetics, or just about anything. We recommend having 1-3 of these smaller wet bags to toss in your diaper bag.

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Diaper Sprayer: The diaper sprayer is perhaps one of the best tools you can have for cloth diapering. They attach to your toiled and allow you to spray off dirty poopy diapers over the toilet. Put poop in its place!

Cloth Diaper Safe Cream: Cloth diaper safe diaper creams/lotions will rinse out of the fibers under normal washing conditions. Even with a cloth diaper safe diaper cream or lotion we still recommend that you use a diaper liner to protect your diaper from build-up that may damage your diapers and/or void your manufacturer's warranty.

Fasteners: For parents who will be using prefold or flat cloth diapers don't forget to add a few Snappi's, Boingo's or Diaper Pins to keep that diaper secure.

Changing Pad: Roll up one of these adorable changing pads and keep it in your diaper bag for those on-the-go changes in not so clean public bathrooms. They even make them to match your diapers.

Clothes Line: Line drying your diapers can save energy, naturally bleach out stains, and extend the life of your cloth diapers. We even have line drying systems that can hang indoors if you don’t have a place to line dry outdoors.

Swim Diapers: It's never too early to introduce your little one to the water. Add a few swim diapers to your registry and plan your next beach trip (or maybe just a trip to the local pool).

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