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Cloth Diaper Inserts

Cloth Diaper Inserts

Basic cloth diapering setups can vary a great deal, including things like the diaper body,
cloth diaper inserts, liners, covers, wipes and more. It can be a lot for a new parent to take in, that’s for sure. However, with a bit of education and experience, you can begin to decode the lingo that seems to exude from enthusiastic cloth diapering parents. After all, when you find something better for your baby and your pocketbook, it’s hard not to be excited about it. Cloth diaper insertstend to be one of the most confusing products, with different types being ideal for different diapering setups. In some cases, products that look extremely similar can actually have different uses entirely.

Of course, the category of
cloth diaper insertsis quite broad. An insert is, after all, nothing more than a diapering component that goes on the inside of the diaper. All cloth diaper insertsdon’t have the same job in the diapering setup. Here are a few of the most common types of inserts and what they are used for.

Pocket Stuffers

In most instances when you see
cloth diaper insertsreferred to, you will be dealing with some type of pocket stuffer. Pocket diapers are made with a waterproof outer core and coupled with an inner layer that usually is designed to wick moisture to the inside. When that happens, however, there must be something stuffed inside the pocket diaper shell to soak up all the liquid. This is where cloth diaper insertscome in. The insert is placed inside the pocket shell and provides the absorbent core necessary to make your diaper work properly. In many cases, the cloth diaper insertsthat you are dealing with will be designed specifically to work with the shape and size of a particular brand of pocket diaper shell. Fuzzi Bunz has a different insert, for example, than bumGenius. While each maker designs the cloth diaper insertsthat they feel are ideal for their diaper, you can certainly mix things up and switch out different inserts to see which you prefer. This, of course, works best if you have several brands on-hand. If you do find that you prefer one brand of cloth diaper insertsover another, you can usually purchase a set of inserts separately without having to buy the shell.

Cloth Diaper Inserts

Depending on where you are looking at cloth diapering products, other diapering components may be listed as
cloth diaper inserts. For example, a doubler may be designated in this category. Not only that, these are often identical in both visual appearance and use. The main difference is that doublers are not usually designed exclusively for any particular pocket diaper, but are a more universal way to add extra absorbency. Doublers can be used in both pocket, fitted and all-in-one, or AIO, diapers.
You may also see diaper liners lumped together with other types of
cloth diaper inserts. Liners are not for absorbency, however. Rather, they are a barrier against wetness and serve as a means to hold in solid waste, making it easier to deal with. Liners can be either washable or disposable.

Cloth diaper insertsare usually, however, seen as a tool that goes hand-in-hand with the pocket style of cloth diapers. At Kelly’s Closet, we designate cloth diaper insertsas the absorbent part of pocket diapers.

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