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Cloth Diaper Outlet

Kelly's Closet is a cloth diaper outlet for everything parents need to start a cloth diapering system for their baby. For affordable cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories, look no further than Kelly's Closet. Kelly's Closet is a cloth diaper outlet that offers a wide selection of cloth baby diapers. You'll find everything you need and more at Kelly's Closet.

Kelly's Closet

Kelly Wels, a stay at home mom of two children, decided to start a kid's clothing boutique that she would run from her home. After launching her online kid's clothing boutique, Wels quickly realized that her store was not generating enough business to even pay her family's grocery bill. Wels became very discouraged and considered closing her boutique. Just when she was ready to throw in the towel, she received a phone call from a parent seeking a certain brand of cloth diaper. Soon after that, she received another phone call from a different parent wanting to order the same brand of cloth diaper. Wels ordered the smallest amount of the cloth diaper brand and filled the two orders. Much to her surprise the cloth diaper brand was very popular and she sold out in just a few days. Having a revelation, Wels decided that it was her calling to convert her kid's clothing boutique into a cloth diaper outlet. She would sell cloth diapers at affordable prices online. Her cloth diaper outlet is now one of the largest cloth diaper stores on the Internet. In recent years, more parents have switched from disposable to cloth diapers to save money and help the environment.

Disposable Diapers

Over time, disposable diapers become unreasonably expensive. In the first two years of diapering with disposable diapers, parents will spend over $2,000. This total does not include the cost of baby wipes or diaper creams. Cloth diapers are more affordable than disposables and are just as convenient to use. Parents can buy affordable cloth diapers and diapering accessories at Kelly's cloth diaper outlet.

Not only are disposable diapers expensive over time, they are a huge environmental issue. A single disposable diaper thrown into a landfill can take more than 600 years to decompose. Fecal matter left in disposables can create poisonous waste as it sits in the landfill. If the human waste washes into our oceans and fresh water resources, it can pose a threat to the health of humans and animals.

Cloth Diapers

Parents who are just starting a cloth diapering system for their baby might find cloth diapers a bit expensive. Though costly in the beginning, cloth diapers help parents save money over time. Cloth diapers are a one time purchase. They are reusable, saving money and the environment. Cloth diapers are even more affordable when they are purchased from a cloth diaper outlet like Kelly's Closet. For many parents, cloth diapers are an investment that they intend on getting the most out of by passing cloth diapers down from baby to baby. Many cloth diapers actually give parents and babies better protection against leaks and spills than leading brands of disposable diapers. Buying cloth diapers from a cloth diaper outlet does not mean parents are forgoing diaper quality or effectiveness.

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