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Cloth Diaper Pail

Cloth Diaper Pail

The major work that goes into using cloth diapers is in the washing routine. A cloth diaper pail is an essential part of a well-managed cloth diapering regimen. There are dozens of options that are available for properly storing your soiled diapers. Different people use different products, but many things remain the same. The system must be safe and sanitary and easy to use. It’s not hard to accomplish these goals when selecting the best cloth diaper pail for a well-functioning system.

Selecting the Pail

Many diaper manufacturers offer a full range of diapering accessories, including a range of options for a cloth diaper pail. Modern pails feature locking lids and built-in features that provide odor control.These safety features are extremely important for parents who prefer wet-pail methods. A curious baby can drown in just a few inches of water. Of course, a dry pail is preferred by many as less noticeable, not to mention safer for children in the home. Handles are convenient on a diaper pail. Soiled diapers can be heavy and cumbersome, so easy lifting is always a benefit when shopping for a cloth diaper pail. Things like a 5-gallon bucket or garbage pail is used by some parents, but they do not have special accommodations. They will probably work, but not as well as a commercial diaper pail designed to accommodate diaper washing.

Diaper Pail Liners

Washing a soiled cloth diaper pail isn’t a chore that many people enjoy. Real moms, however, have developed useful solutions to this unpleasant task. Diaper pail liners fit into your pail much like a garbage can liner. However, instead of disposing liners after each use, liners can be placed in the washing machine with your diapers. This keeps the cloth diaper pail cleaner and reduces physical contact with solid waste and germs. Diaper pail liners are usually made with one layer of waterproof material- either nylon or PUL. Because there is a lag between washing the previous batch of cloth diapers and changing the baby, two cloth diaper pail liners is recommended. This allows parents to always have a clean liner on hand.

Cleaning and Deodorizing

Regardless of how you manage your cloth diaper washing routine, there will be times when a deep cleaning is needed. If a cloth diaper pail becomes soiled, empty the pail completely. Rinse the loose waste from the inside of the pail and dump the water into the toilet. The pail may then be soaked in the bathtub with a mild cleaning solution. Parents should be aware that harsh residue from strong cleansers can remain in the pail and come into contact with diapers. Because of this, only use cleaners that are safe for a baby’s skin.

Keeping the smell down in the cloth diaper pail isn’t difficult. In fact, dry pails usually have a very minor smell. A closed lid is often sufficient to mask what is inside. However, there are plenty of products that can be placed in the diaper pail to add a more pleasant scent. Look for a cloth diaper pail that has a compartment in the lid. This is designed to hold a disc of diaper pail deodorizer. This product is inexpensive and lasts a long time. You can purchase a cloth diaper pail and diaper pail accessories at Kelly’s Closet. 
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