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Cloth Diaper Safe Creams

Are you looking for a cloth diaper safe diaper cream? Many traditional diaper rash creams (barrier creams) contain ingredients that will clog the fibers of your cloth diapers causing them to repel (or not absorb) pee.  Cloth diaper safe diaper creams/lotions will rinse out of the fibers under normal washing conditions.  Even with a cloth diaper safe diaper cream or lotion we still recommend that you use a diaper liner to protect your diaper from build-up that may damage your diapers and/or void your manufacturers warranty.  

Visit our blog for more information on the common causes of diaper rashes, how to prevent them, and some natural ways to heal your baby's bum.  Note: Always consult your child's doctor if a diaper rash is persistent, bleeding, or doesn't heal after a few days.