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Cloth Diaper Service

A cloth diaper service is a laundry service for baby diapers. Parents who do not have time to wash their cloth diapers use their services to receive clean cloth diapers for their baby. Much like a regular laundry service, they deliver clean diapers and pick up the soiled diapers. They usually offer their services on a weekly basis. The service usually rents you the use of the diapers in your baby's size. You won't have to wash your baby's diapers when you use a professional diaper service. A cloth diaper service usually launders diapers to a rigorous public health standard that is unmatched by washers and dryers used home. Professional diaper services use 13 changes of water and high temperature drying to kill bacteria and germs in the dirty diapers. Using a professional diaper service is expensive.

Busy Parents

Affording a professional cloth diaper service isn't easy, but they offer the convenience of never having to wash dirty diapers. Busy parents who have no time to wash their cloth diapers every other day but still want to use cloth diapers for the benefits they offer, find professional diaper services are a life-saver. More parents have switched to disposable diapers as a result of not wanting to deal with the hassle or the mess of laundering their own cloth diapers. Busy parents have more time to spend with their families and babies when they don't have to spend time washing cloth diapers.

Modern Diapers

Today's cloth diapers are easier to use than those used back in the day. Modern cloth diapers are more affordable than disposables and are over all less expensive to buy than renting them from a cloth diaper service. The fabrics and other materials used to make today's cloth diapers are easy to clean up and sanitize. For parents who have time, washing cloth diapers at home has become easier. Most modern cloth diapers do not need dunking, soaking or scrubbing by hand. Just throw them in the washing machine and run them the same as a regular load of clothes.

Washing At Home

There is more than one way to wash your cloth diapers at home. Your mom, sister, best friend and neighbor will all have a different opinion or recommendation on how you should wash your cloth diapers. Choosing to wash your cloth diapers at home instead of using a cloth diaper service requires a bit of dedication and practice. The following routine has proven to work well for most parents no matter what type of machine or cloth diapers used:

  1. Wash diapers with detergent in cold water on a short cycle.

  2. Wash diapers with detergent in not water on a heavy-duty/long cycle.

  3. After the long cycle, put your diapers through a second rinse to remove any detergent residue.

With these simple steps, you'll find that washing your cloth diapers at home is just as efficient and safe as using a cloth diaper service.

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