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Cloth Diaper Wet Bag

A cloth diaper wet bag makes storing and transporting dirty diapers hassle free. Wet bags are water-resistant pouches cloth diaper users carry to keep their dirty diapers separated from their clean ones while they are away from home. Wet bags usually have a zipper or draw string closure and can be easily packed in diaper bags or strollers.


Moms and dads using cloth diapers while traveling love the convenience and portability of a cloth diaper wet bag. They are a great on-the-go solution for storing soiled diapers. Wet bags come in a variety of sizes. Small bags are great for daily use. They store two to three diapers and fit into the diaper bag easily. Larger wet bags are convenient for extended trips away from home. Wet bags are lite weight and easy to transport. Most have a zipper or draw string closure to prevent odors from escaping. The outer part of a cloth diaper wet bag is usually made of cotton, but are also made of fleece or hemp. Linings are water-resistant and are easy to wipe clean with a soapy rag or tossed in the laundry with the cloth diaper load.


Many parents choose a cloth diaper wet bag designed by their favorite cloth diaper manufacturer. Some brands of wet bag also make dry bags for carrying wipes, clean diapers and other baby products. The most innovative cloth diaper wet bag on the market is the wet/dry bag. Parents can carry soiled diapers and their dry items all in one bag. The wet section is sewn and sealed to prevent leaks and protect the dry section. Sections have zipper, draw string or snap closures. Wet/dry bags are great for carrying dry diapers, soiled diapers, swimwear, dry clothes, wipes, powders, creams and anything else parents need to keep a baby dry and healthy. Moms and dads will love using wet/dry bags for themselves. Use them to store sweaty gym clothes without worrying about odors escaping. Store cosmetics, shoes and other items you need to change after a tough workout. Wet/dry bags are convenient and come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of items.

At Home

A cloth diaper wet bag is great for when parents are on-the-go, but at home, different storage methods are needed to accommodate larger quantities of soiled diapers. Parents use garbage cans and diaper pails to store dirty diapers at home. Pail liners work the same as a cloth diaper wet bag. Liners are made from water-resistant, washable fabrics. Use them the same as a garbage bag and on diaper wash day, empty the contents into the washer and throw the pail liner in the wash at the same time. Pail liners are available in many colors and sizes.

Parents who use the laundry mat to wash their cloth diapers can easily transport their diapers without taking them out of the pail liner. Just pull the pail liner out of the garbage can or diaper pail, pull the draw string to seal it and carry it like a sack. Pail liners prevent leaks and trap in odors during transport just like their cloth diaper wet bag.

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