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Cloth Diaper

Cloth Diaper

As a new parent, it is likely that you did not give a whole lot of thought to why people cloth diaper. If you are anything like your peers, you stop by your local grocery store on a regular basis, selecting any one of the readily available disposable diaper brands on the market. However, as your baby grew, several things might have happened. For some parents, they began to realize what a money pit disposable diapering is. You were spending large amounts of money each month and throwing it all away with each diaper change. Other people actually came into contact with a friend or acquaintance that had started to cloth diaper and found themselves surprised that it wasn't at all what they expect. If you are still in the preliminary stages of this process, there are many reasons why the decision to cloth diaper makes sense to a modern parent.

Show Me the Money!

Raising a baby is no easy task, and it can cost a lot of money. Every so often the government will release a shocking number, indicating that you might expect to spend upwards of a million dollars just to get your baby up and out of the house! During the baby years, diapering is one of the biggest budget-impacting expense categories. Thousands of parents begin to cloth diaper as a way to save money. Some calculations indicate that fully cloth diapering your baby from birth to potty training can save as much as $1,500 to $2,000. More saving are realized if you use a simple cloth diaper system, such as prefolds and covers, but the numbers are still significant when changing your baby with top-of-the-line AIO products.

Dare to Go Green

The environment and humankind's impact on it are being widely discussed. No modern family is unaware of the potential harm that can be done by their carbon footprint. When you cloth diaper, you can reduce that impact greatly, in a positive way. Landfills are filled with disposable diapering waste. Not only do the diapers themselves end up taking decades to break down, but the human waste included in the mix has unintended consequences. Most parents don't realize that waste products are not intended to enter landfills; diaper manufacturers instruct parents to shake waste into the toilet so that it can be absorbed by the sewage systems. However, few people read those instructions. When you cloth diaper, waste is always put right where it belongs, and diapers stay out of the landfills.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons that you might choose to cloth diaper. For many parents, taking a mundane task and turning it into a pleasant bonding experience is a very positive thing. Whatever your reasons to cloth diaper, Kelly's Closet can help you find the products that are right for you.
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