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Diapering Accessories

If you are looking to add more absorbency to your cloth diaper system we recommend using a doubler or liner. Basically a doubler is a rectangular or contoured piece of fabric that lies right on top of your cloth diaper to add absorbency during nap and/or night time. There are two types of liners. The first type is a washable liner which will add a bit more absorbency to the diaper but not as much as a doubler. The other type of liners are the flushable liners. Essentially they are "poop" catchers and make cleaning up much easier. These flushable liners do not add absorbency to the diaper. Inserts are designed to go inside pocket diapers. Many fabrics are available in inserts including hemp inserts, one size inserts, and micro terry inserts.

If you are looking for a wet tote bag to store cloth diapers during day trips, we highly recommend our basic diaper wet bags and pail liners. Cloth Diaper Wipes and Diaper Pins can be found here too. Can't stand the smell of a diaper pail? Try one of our citrus smelling Deodorizing Disks and the odor will disappear!

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