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Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

It's likely that you were raised in a fairly mainstream way, with your mother never considering Cloth Diapers when you were a baby. Even if she did use reusable diapering products, it may have been because she didn't really have other options. For this reason, as well as others, you may find that you have family and friends that are less than supportive about your decision to add Cloth Diapers to your parenting routine. They may think they are gross, unsanitary and just plain weird. While finding support for your decision to cloth diaper isn't necessary to be successful, it is nice to know that the people close to you understand and agree with your important parenting decisions. There are many things you can discuss to get people on the same page as you and reasons why they might feel apprehension about using and supporting Cloth Diapers.

Parenting Can Be Personal

When you are dealing with parents, one of the biggest reasons that they might not be supportive of Cloth Diapers is that they are taking your decision personally. They may feel that, by making a different decision than they did, you are negatively judging how they parented you. This can sting. In addition, they may have had no choice but to use the available Cloth Diapers when you were growing up and thoroughly hated the entire diapering process. They may have a hard time imagining how cloth diapering can be a positive experience for mom or baby. Involving your parents in your decision, if your relationship is close, is a great way to get support. Just showing them the many modern options is enough to turn many grandmas into full-fledged supporters of Cloth Diapers.

It's Not Like It Used to Be

In making the decision to use Cloth Diapers, you surely found yourself absolutely floored by how simple modern options are. Misconceptions about cloth diapering are rampant, with many people stuck in the mental picture of prefold Cloth Diapers, pins and plastic pants. Showing your family and friends the Cloth Diapers that you use goes a long way to correcting misconceptions. In addition, set an example of making diaper changes a positive experience- a time to develop a fun emotional connection with your baby. Quietly advocate for your decision to use Cloth Diapers and you will probably see attitudes slowly change.

Green is Clean

Nobody is particularly thrilled with dealing with human waste, so diapering isn't a very popular topic in many parenting circles. Because Cloth Diapers make a parent more aware of their baby's natural cycles, many unsupportive friends may think they are dirty or unsanitary. That is absolutely not the case. Point out to your friends that putting waste into the landfill causes problems with groundwater and it can take decades to decompose. With Cloth Diapers, the sewer system treats the waste, keeping it right where it belongs. Washing is also much easier than most parents imagine and there is no more contact than with changing a disposable diaper.

Using Cloth Diapers makes sense when all the factors are put on the table. If you have family and friends that are apprehensive about exposure to cloth diapering, be an advocate for this more pleasant and responsible parenting choice. While you don't have to have family support to use the Cloth Diapers from Kelly's Closet, it certainly helps to feel supported in your choices.
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