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Cloth Menstrual Pads

Eco-friendly moms already use cloth diapers for their babies. But have they switched to using cloth menstrual pads for themselves? Moms are superheros, protecting their babies and saving planet Earth each time they reuse their cloth diapers. But supermoms can do even more to save the environment by switching to cloth menstrual pads for themselves.

Saving the Earth

The average woman will use more than 16,800 menstrual pads or tampons in her lifetime. Many disposable menstrual pads are made from the same materials as disposable baby diapers. Just like disposable baby diapers, menstrual pads and tampons sit in our landfills creating pollution. In the United States alone, more than 12 billion pads and seven million tampons are used once and disposed of every year, according to the National Women's Health Network.

Used disposable pads and tampons can have damaging effects on the Earth. It takes hundreds of years for a used, disposable menstrual pad to break down. During the process, the Earth absorbs toxic chemicals and human waste.

You already know the positive effects cloth diapering has on the planet. Why not continue your efforts and switch to cloth menstrual pads? You'll reduce the amount of waste in our landfills and improve the health of the planet. Cloth menstrual pads are reusable and cut down on the amount of money spent to manufacture menstrual care products. Therefore reducing the amount of energy used to produce menstrual care products. Environmentally conscious mommies can further their efforts to protect mother Earth by using cloth menstrual pads.

Saving Money

Reusable cloth menstrual pads allow you to save money. The average woman spends roughly $62.00 a year on disposable menstrual care products. Cloth menstrual pads are reusable. You will save money on purchasing menstrual care products that you wash and use again and again. One set price for years of use.

Improved Comfort

Using cloth menstrual pads will automatically improve your comfort level during your period. Disposable menstrual products contain harsh plastics and chemicals. Moms who use cloth diapers refuse to expose their baby to these same chemicals and harmful plastics; so why expose yourself to them? Cloth menstrual pads are made from lite, breathable cottons. They are slim and absorbent just like disposable pads. Some come with absorbent inserts to increase the amount of protection and protect against leaks.

The plastics and chemicals used to make disposable pads can cause heat rash, toxic shock syndrome and other infections. By switching to reusable menstrual products you can protect yourself from these harmful health conditions and improve your overall comfort. Moms who use cloth diapers can do more to save the environment, save money and save themselves from the pain and suffering of health conditions caused by irritation and soreness due to harsh plastics and chemicals when they switch to cloth menstrual pads.

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