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Cloth Nappies

Cloth Nappies

Unlike the old fashioned diapering systems used by our grandmothers, cloth nappies have come a long way. Parents that wouldn't dream of using anything that wasn't convenient and functional are beginning to explore the extensive realm of possibilities that are created by modern cloth diapers. While each family has their own list of reasons why using cloth diapers appeal to them, there are numerous benefits offered by cloth nappies. When making your decision, it might help to see the various values that parents cite for choosing cloth diapers.

Disposable Diapering Impacts the Environment

With the environment constantly a subject of media attention, it's no wonder that more parents than ever are beginning to take a closer look at their own choices, and the impact that those choices make on the world around us. Disposable diapering is a huge blemish on the environment. Most babies require one hundred diapers or more every single month. These diapers, along with the human waste inside, end up in landfills. Cloth nappies, on the other hand, have a very low environmental impact. Waste is contained in septic or sewer systems, and the diaper is washed and re-used. Even when you consider the extra water used to wash cloth diapers, they still come out ahead. In fact, many statistics indicate more water will be used in manufacturing disposable diapers than by parents washing cloth nappies on a regular basis.

It's All About the Money

It is not cheap to raise a child. Between food, clothing, housing and other expenses, it really adds up. Studies cite that it might take as much as a million dollars to raise one child from birth to age 18. While those numbers may be a bit skewed, it's still a good idea to cut costs as much as possible. When it comes to diapering expenses, cloth nappies cost less. It can cost between $300-500 per year to purchase disposable diapers, and most babies don't potty train until after their second birthday. In contrast, a complete cloth diapering system can usually be purchased for under $400 and will accommodate your baby until they are out of diapers. Many quality brands of cloth nappies will last through several children.

Diapering Doesn't Have to Be Boring

While many parents are concerned about both the environment and their pocketbooks, the plain fact is that parenthood should be fun. Plenty of parents choose cloth nappies because they make a mundane part of parenting a more enjoyable experience. How exciting is it to use the same disposable diaper for every single change? Cloth diapers bring interest and aesthetic appeal to diaper changing. Kelly's Closet has several popular brands. You can purchase an entire collection of cloth nappies, in both colors and prints, to keep your diapering both interesting and functional.
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