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Cloth Swim Diaper

Cloth Swim Diaper

Did you know public pools and water parks require children who are not yet potty trained to wear a swim diaper? A cloth swim diaper is the perfect choice for parents and babies who love the water. Why spend money on disposable swim diapers, only to throw them away and buy more? Just like bathing suits, cloth swim diapers are reusable. Over time you'll save money and with fewer disposables being tossed in the trash, you'll contribute to saving the environment.

What is a Swim Diaper?

A cloth swim diaper is similar to a disposable diaper. Swim diapers are not absorbent and do not weigh children down when they are in the water. Swim diapers help trap in your baby's pee and poop so they do not leak into the swimming pool. Many public pools and water parks require babies and children who are not potty trained to have on a swim diaper. For the health and safety of other swimmers it is important to keep your baby's waste where it belongs – the diaper.

Swimmer Safety

Regular diapers are made from absorbent fabrics that gather water. Regular diapers, especially disposables, fill with water and sag. The extra bulk weighs your baby down and makes it difficult for them to walk, swim and play. The absorbent plastic beads used in disposable diapers become gel when submerged in liquids. The weight of the diaper stresses the seams of the pocket holding in the gel and can tear during rigorous play. The gel washes into the swimming pool and becomes a health hazard for other swimmers. It is for this reason swim diapers were invented.

Cloth Swimmers

Swim diapers do not contain absorbent gel beads and are made from durable fabrics that don't stretch or wear out during hours of play and exercise. With a cloth swim diaper, you and your baby can enjoy splishing and splashing in the water. Cloth swim diapers are designed to trap in messes and prevent leaks without sagging or weighing your baby down. Disposable swim diapers are expensive. The plastics they are made from can cause diaper rash and skin irritation. A cloth diaper cover provides the same amount of protection without irritating your baby's skin. Cloth swim diapers feature a waterproof outer layer combined with a soft inner layer. Many cloth swim diapers fit around your baby with hook and loop or snap closures, making them just as convenient as disposable diapers. Because they are reusable, you'll save money over time. Instead of buying multiple packs of disposable swim diapers, your baby can wash and wear a cloth swim diaper over again. Depending on how often you and your baby frequent the water, you'll need two to four cloth swim diapers. Your baby's cloth swim diaper should have a snug, but comfortable fit. It can be worn with or without a bathing suit.

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