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Cloth Wipes

Cloth Wipes

There are many things that parents must consider when they welcome their baby into the world. Will they breastfeed or bottle feed? Are cloth wipes and diapers better than disposable products? How do they answer the question of childcare? While not all of these questions are easy ones, a parent can slowly find the options that work best for them. While not all parents will come to the same conclusions, some decisions can be made more easily than others. For those that choose cloth diapers, cloth wipes are an easy choice.

Why Cloth Wipes?

Using cloth wipes is really an extension of the decision to cloth diaper. After all, washable wipes are very inexpensive and add no extra work to a washing and care routine. In fact, for those who haven’t made the switch, disposable wipes actually add an extra step to the changing process. Cloth wipes come in various forms, so there are plenty of options to choose from. They add well under $50 to the overall cost to cloth diaperd, an investment that is realized in a matter of months.

Available Options

The first thing for a parent to look at when they are considering cloth wipes is how they plan to use them. If the wipes are intended to be used exclusively for diaper changing, the age of the baby will come into play. Parents should also look at the size of the cloth wipes. Larger wipes are preferred for big messes. After these features, fabric type and thickness need to be considered. Most commercial wipes are double-layered, often comprised of different fabrics on each side. It’s not uncommon to have a more absorbent material coupled with a softer layer. This aids in cleaning, allowing parents to get the job done without using several wipes. There are also colors and prints available.

Assessing the Cost

Cloth wipes should be considered in the same manner that cloth diapers are - an investment. Parents can expect to pay more for these supplies up-front; however, it is a one-time investment that should last until the baby is potty trained. Cloth wipes start our at around $1.50 each for basic products. Double-layered wipes with luxurious fabric may cost as twice as much. Either way, prices are more affordable if a package is purchased rather than individual wipes. Parents may also want to consider purchasing a few different brands. It is more sanitary to keep cloth wipes used for different jobs separated. While wipes wash quite clean, some parents don’t feel comfortable using a diaper-changing wipe for face washing. This is a personal choice.

When making the decision to use or switch to cloth diapering, it’s important to stock your nursery with a full spectrum of quality supplies. Washable wipes integrate seamlessly into a cloth diapering program. They are inexpensive and convenient. Kelly’s Closet offers a full range of cloth wipes to choose from in all styles, colors and prices.
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