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Diaper Caddy

Carrying diapers, wipes and other accessories is difficult without a diaper caddy. Parents who use cloth diapers need a diaper bag or caddy that can hold soiled diapers and fresh, clean ones. Diaper caddies are useful for many reasons. Not only are they a great way to pack all of your diapering supplies, you can also use them to back your baby's clothes, food, toys and more.

Wet Bags

A staple in your cloth diapering system should be a wet bag. A wet bag is the perfect bag for storing soiled cloth diapers when you and your baby aren't at home. Wet bags are made with waterproof linings that prevent leaks and messes. Kelly's Closet has brands like Planet Wise, Thirsties and Rumparooz. Choose your diaper caddy from a variety of sizes, colors and prints. Many wet bags feature a carry strap or clip to make them easy to attach to your arm, stroller or diaper caddy. Wet bags also feature drawstring or zipper closures to cut down on odors and prevent diapers from falling out while carrying them. Wet bags are designed to contain wet and soiled diapers without wicking or leaking. Parents who use cloth diapers find wet bags are a great addition to their diaper caddy. Without a wet bag, where would you store your baby's soiled diapers while you are grocery shopping or visiting with friends and family? You certainly wouldn't stuff them into your diaper caddy next to your clean diapers. Soiled diapers become smelly quickly. If they aren't stored in a sealed, waterproof wet bag, the smell can escape. Your diaper caddy and car will smell like soiled diaper during your day out.

Wet/Dry Bags

What if you don't want to carry around a wet bag and a diaper caddy? If you and your baby will only be out of the house for a few hours and you don't need to carry a full diaper caddy of clothing, diapers, wipes, juice cups and toys, consider purchasing a wet/dry bag. Wet/dry bags do double duty and are convenient for busy parents. If carrying a wet bag and a diaper caddy is too much for running quick errands, a wet/dry bag is right for you. Wet/dry bags feature a waterproof “wet” section that is sewn and sealed to prevent wicking and leaking. They also feature a “dry” section. Wet/dry bags usually have zipper closures for each section of the bag. Wet/dry bags hold dry diapering, wipes and other diapering needs in the dry side and the soiled, stinky diapers in the wet side. Wet/dry bags are also great for carrying swimwear, sweaty gym clothing, baby's dirty clothes and more. A wet/dry bag is the perfect diaper caddy for trips away from home whether you are running errands or spending a weekend at grandma's.

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