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Diaper Doubler


Diaper Doubler

New parents have many decisions to make, such as the important question of what diapers to use. Learning about a
diaper doubler, covers and other supplies can be downright confusing. There are just so many options to choose from that you may find your head spinning. Luckily, things will quickly fall into place once you start to really understand how each cloth diapering product works. We have been in this business for a long time. We've seen many trends come and go. We’re happy to assist you in understanding every cloth diapering product we offer, including the unobtrusive but extremely useful diaper doubler.

What is a Doubler Used For?

When browsing through our cloth diapering catalog, there are actually several items that look very similar to the
diaper doubler. Inserts for pocket diapers, for example, may look similar or identical to a diaper doubler. In many instances, they can actually be used interchangeably in a pinch. However, there are different features that make each more ideal for its particular task. A insert, or diaper soaker, is designed to provide the main absorbency for the diaper, which means that this product will usually be thicker than a diaper doubler. A diaper doubleradds a bit of extra absorbency to an already stuffed diaper. Doublers lay on the inside of the cloth diaper next to the baby’s skin. For this reason, you often see diaper doublers that feature a fleece or microfiber top layer. This wicks moisture away from the skin and creates a stay-dry barrier that cuts down on diaper rash and irritation.

Diaper DoublerShould I Buy?

There is no perfect
diaper doublerfor every child. In fact, your baby is so unique that we can’t authoritatively say which type of diaper doubleris ideal. We can, however, promise that we only offer the best products. We are confident that everyone of our products have been well tested and highly recommended by our customer base. In many cases, diaper doublers are designed to work with specific brands of diapers. For example, the Kissaluv diaper doubleris contoured to fit perfectly in a Kissaluv diaper. If your diaper is particularly trim, you may want to favor the doubler made to fit that brand. Otherwise, your favorite diaper doublerwill likely work fine with whatever brand of diaper you select for a diaper change.

How Many Do I Need?

Again, this will really depend on your baby’s particular habits and what you prefer. If you have a light wetter that rarely needs added daytime absorbency, then a handful of
diaper doublers should work fine. As long as you have enough to get through nights until washing day, you’ll be fine. However, some babies are extremely heavy wetters and regularly leak through a standard diaper configuration. In this instance, we recommend that you have a diaper doublerfor every cloth diaper in your stash. Until you know what to expect, it might be safe to have at least six to twelve diaper doublers on hand.

diaper doublercertainly isn’t the most glamorous cloth diapering product that we offer. However, it is considered by many to be one of the most useful and often makes the difference between a successful cloth diapering setup and giving up in frustration. Offering you the best cloth diapering support, which includes the highest quality diaper doublerproducts, is our goal at Kelly’s Closet.

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