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Diaper Liners

Diaper Liners

As technology has increased, it makes sense that diapers would improve as well. There are many features in cloth diapers, such as diaper liners, that make them extremely easy to use. Unlike past generations, that saw the use of cloth diapers as a necessity and a chore, modern parents have the advantage of being environmentally savvy, while still having systems in place that are virtually as easy as those used by disposable diapering parents. Modern diaper designs and accessories like diaper liners make this possible.

What is a diaper liner?

There are several things that are commonly referred to as diaper liners. Some people may make the reference when dealing with anything that fits into the diaper without being attached. Doublers are sometimes referred to as liners; however, the proper use of the word is something that does not add any additional padding to the diaper. In fact, diaper liners are not meant to increase absorbency. They have another job entirely.

A diaper liner can has a few common functions. First, diaper liners often are used to catch solid waste, making the diaper easier to clean. These types of liners are often flushable or disposable. They are intended to keep waste where it belongs- in sewer systems-while eliminating the need for a busy parent to rinse diapers each time the baby is changed.

The second use of diaper liners is keeping babies dry. One of the reasons that some parents shy away from cloth diapers is that they are concerned about their baby being exposed to constant wetness. It is true that this situation can cause rashes in susceptible children. For this reason, stay-dry diaper liners were created that can wick wetness away from the skin into the inside of the cloth diaper. These are only necessary if your diaper isn't already equipped with a stay-dry feature itself. In addition, it is easier to rinse these liners than an entire diaper, so these offer similar benefits to the flushable diaper liners as well.

Using Diaper Liners

It is extremely easy to use modern diaper liners. If your liners are disposable, they will probably come on a roll or in a box. After you get your diaper ready, pull off a liner and lay it inside the diaper, covering as much of the rise as possible. Place your baby on the arrangement and close the diaper as usual. Check the leg and waist areas and tuck in any protruding liner material. Stay-dry liners can be kept with the rest of your diapering supplies for easy access. Some parents also find it useful to prepare the diapers ahead of time, adding diaper liners as they fold the diapersĀ for their next use.

Liners make the Cloth Diaper experience much more pleasant. They make clean-up a breeze, as well as protecting sensitive skin from exposure to wetness. There are many different types and styles of diaper liners and Kelly's Closet is happy to assist in finding the perfect one for you.
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