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Diaper Pail Liner


Diaper Pail Liner

Not everyone who uses cloth diapers purchases a
diaper pail lineras part of their basic diapering stash and supplies. However, once you have used this convenient tool, you will quickly realize exactly how indispensable it is to many cloth diapering parents. While extremely utilitarian, a pail linerhas several distinct advantages to your cloth diapering routine.

What a
Diaper Pail Lineris Used For

pail lineris a very basic product. It is simply a very large waterproof bag designed to contain dirty diapers in the diaper pail. Instead of placing soiled diapers directly in the open pail and risking staining and soiling the diaper pail’s inside surface, a barrier keeps the area cleaner, which saves you the work rinsing the diaper pail with each wash cycle. In addition, containing the soiled diapers inside the diaper pail linercuts down on the smell; it doesn’t waft into the surrounding area each time you open the pail to deposit a diaper that needs cleaning. 


A standard
pail linercan be extremely simple or have features that make them even more convenient. A basic diaper pail lineris usually made of either PUL or nylon and is a basic rectangle shape that can be tucked into a diaper pail. There may even be a drawstring that keeps the bag taut around the outside of your diaper pail. Like any product, however, there are certainly better designs that offer more features. Higher-quality diaper pail liners may come in fun prints. You will almost always see either a drawstring or an elasticized material that cinches in the top of the pail liner. Diapers can be easily place inside the opening, while the dirty diapers inside are contained to cut down on the smell. Some diaper pail liners have a zipper opening to accommodate this task. 

The most interesting feature that is included on newer
diaper pail linerdesigns is the bottom zipper. When the liner is in use, the zipper is closed, which allows soiled diapers to be contained within the bag. When you are ready to wash, simply lift the entire diaper pail linerover the washing machine, and unzip to release the laundry directly into the washer. This feature is considered more sanitary than other designs and there is no contact with the dirty diapers when you wash them. After emptying the liner, it can be dropped into the wash and laundered with your load of diapers.

What About Size?

Diaper pail liners come in different sizes and different pails have varying dimensions. The best way to ensure that you get the best fit is to measure your diaper pail. Your diaper pail linershould be slightly bigger than the pail’s measurements. You can, of course, favor a pail linerthat is bigger, but smaller liners will not work as well. If you need any assistance choosing the most appropriate diaper pail liner, Kelly’s Closet is happy to help.

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