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Wash your own diapers rather than hire Diaper services.

If you are new to cloth diapering, you may be wondering if you have to look into cloth diaper services. You don't have to hire a cloth diapering service. With the advances in cloth diapering designs and accessories, washing your babies cloth diapers is easy. You can actually save the money you would spend on cloth diaper services.

At Kelly's Closet, we have the cloth diapers and accessories you need to make your cloth diapering routine easy.

If you are going to forgo hiring cloth diaper services to wash your diaper, you need to know how to wash certain types or fabric. When you receive your cloth diapering package from Kelly's Closet, you will need to launder them before using them on your baby. Wash pocket diapers, covers, inserts and other items made from micro-terry or bamboo in warm or hot water (detergent is optional).

Organic or unbleached cotton/hemp products need to be wash several times before they reach their maximum absorbency capabilities. If you don't wash them several times, leaks will happen. Washing cotton and hemp in hot water 5 to 6 times removes the natural oils and allows the fabric to absorb liquids better. It is recommended to dry cotton and hemp diapers between each wash.

When you wash soiled diapers, Kelly's Closet recommends keeping it simple. There are several ways to launder cloth diapers. Diaper services handle their client's laundry in different ways, too. Parents use different washing machines and different detergents. It's important to develop a cloth diaper washing method.

The following method seems to work for most parents, regardless of the kind of washing machine or cloth diapers they use: 1 short cycle cold water wash with detergent; 1 long and heavy duty cycle hot water wash with detergent (use slightly less detergent); and finally 1 additional rinse (A warm water rinse, if its an available option on your machine, often works best to remove residue from soiled diapers.)

We recommend the following detergents for washing your cloth diapers: Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent, bumGenius Cloth Diaper Detergent; Tiny Bubbles Cloth Diaper Detergent, Country Save and Planet Ultra.

If you decide not to seek cloth diaper services and to wash them yourself, you will need somewhere to store diapers until you are ready to wash them. While a diaper service will be prompt at picking up soiled diapers to wash, it's important to have a place to store soiled diapers. A dry diaper pail is recommended to store soil diapers. Dry pails are an alternative to diaper pails that use water to soak the diapers. A popular option is to line a 13 gallon plastic trash bin with a diaper pail liner from Planet Wise or Wahmies Diaper Service Quality pail liners.

For more information about washing your own diapers instead of hiring diaper services, please explore the “Cloth Diaper Information” section on

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