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Disposable Diaper Doublers

Disposable diaper doublers are inserts used in conjunction with diapers to increase absorbency. Disposable doublers can be used with cloth and disposable diapers. Disposable doublers can be flushed down the toilet (as long as it isn't on a septic system) or disposed of in the garbage. Parents who use disposable doublers do not need to rinse or save the doubler. Because disposable diaper doublers are made from the same materials as disposable diapers, they are not biodegradable. Reusable cloth diaper doublers, however, are available at Kelly's Closet. Parents who use cloth diapers often prefer reusable diaper doublers. Cloth diaper doublers are made from microfibers and hemp fabrics. Parents add diaper doublers to their pocket diapers to increase the amount of wetness protection the cloth diaper gives. Using cloth diaper doublers helps cut down on the amount of waste in landfills and sewer systems.

The Dangers of Disposables

Disposable diapering products seem convenient and hassle free, but in the long run, you'll actually work harder if you choose to use disposables. Disposable diaper doublers are made from the same plastics and chemicals as disposable diapers. Plastics trap in heat and prevent a baby's skin from breathing. This can cause diaper rash and yeast infections. Plastics rub against a baby's delicate skin and cause chaffing. Disposable diapers and disposable diaper doublers are not biodegradable. It takes more than 600 years for one disposable diaper or diaper doubler to decompose. Each year, billions of disposable diapering products are thrown in our nation's landfills and sewers. While disposable diapers and doublers sit in the landfill, the waste inside leaks into the soil and fresh water. Though they are made for flushing down the toilet, flushing disposable diaper doublers can cause sewer and septic system problems. Diapers and diaper doublers thrown in sewers clog sewer pipes and water filtering systems. When flushed into septic systems, they clog pipes and take up space in the septic tank causing waste back-ups into the home or building.

Switch to Cloth

Parents who like the added absorbency they get by adding a diaper doubler to their baby's diaper can get the same results from a cloth doubler as they can from a disposable one. Cloth diaper doublers work the same as disposable diaper doublers. Cloth diaper doublers are recommended for use in cloth diapers, but can be placed in disposable diapers as well. Cloth diaper doublers are soft and smooth against a baby's skin. They will not rub or irritate the skin or cause chaffing. Cloth diaper doublers and cloth diapers are made from breathable fabrics. Moisture and wetness are wicked away from a baby's skin reducing the number of diaper rash break outs and yeast infections. Parents who use cloth diapers can use cloth diaper doublers in their pocket diapers or fitted diapers. Flat or prefold cloth diapers can also be used in lieu of disposable diaper doublers to increase diaper absorbency.

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