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Disposable Diaper

Did you know, one disposable diaper takes several hundred years to "decompose"? Even then the disposables never fully decompose. Disposable diapers take up space in landfills and create environmental issues beyond control. Environmental activists have switched to using cloth diapers for their babies. There are many benefits to using cloth diapering. Aside from being environmentally friendly, they also offer many money-saving and health benefits. Never throw a disposable diaper in the trash again. Switch to using cloth diapering and experience the benefits for yourself. You, your baby and the Earth will be glad you did.

The Environment

There is some debate over the impact of cloth vs disposable diapers on the environment. Those who are pro disposable diaper use say the extra water and energy used to wash cloth diapers is just as much of an abuse to the environment as the production and disposal of disposable diapers. However, the facts don't lie. Statistics have proven disposable diapers are far more harmful to the environment than cloth diapers. Here are the numbers:

  • 600 years go by before a disposable diaper begins to decompose

  • 80,000 pounds of plastic a year is used to produce disposable diapers

  • 200,000 trees or more are cut down each year to manufacture disposable diapers

  • 5 million tons of untreated waste are piled into landfills annually

  • 2 billion tons of urine, feces, plastic and paper are also added to the pile

These statistics are for American babies alone. The environmental risks of throwing disposable diapers into landfills include, overfilled landfills, water contamination, air pollution and the diminishing of trees and other natural resources due to the production process. Fewer resources are used when parents practice cloth diapering. Each diaper is reusable for many years whereas a disposable diaper can only be used once. This cuts down on the amount of plastic and waste thrown into landfills.

Healthier Babies

The greatest concern for parents is keeping their baby healthy. Being diligent about changing your baby's diaper keeps your baby's skin dry and free from diaper rash. A disposable diaper traps in moisture making your baby prone to rashes and chaffing. The plastics and chemicals used to manufacture disposable baby diapers cause irritation and allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are harmful and even deadly. Studies show 54 percent of one month old babies suffer from diaper rash caused by wearing a disposable diaper. A cloth diaper helps relieve and prevent diaper rash. Comfortable cottons and other breathable fabrics keep baby's skin dry and cool.

Disposable Diaper Expenses

Though cloth diapering may seem expensive to start, it offers money-saving benefits in the long run. These diapers are a one time fee and can be used by other babies. A disposable diaper is only worn once. After the baby has worn one, it gets thrown away. You'll spend nearly $3,000 on disposable diapers from the time your baby is born to the time they are potty trained. Cloth Diapering costs less than half of the expense of using a disposable diaper  over time.

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